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Career Manchester United FC - 30 Year Career - The Red Devils


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Choosing the career

I have decided to do a 30 year career with my club - Manchester United. This year, there was a real dip with Mourinho with negative comments,tactics and results. I want to bring back the positivity to Old Trafford and hopefully a lot of silverware.

Stadium & Facilities

The Stadium and Facilities for Manchester United are perfect. We have over a 75,600 seater stadium as well as the BEST youth & training facilities. My aim will be to help the youth players through whilst increasing our attendance to create even more of a fortress.


Holiday & Assistant Manager

As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below:


Staff, Finances & Training

All the staff members are Gold Badged & I amended the Assistant Manager to our Attacking Coach. We started with £159m and even after some big transfers, managed to keep this in the green. I delegate training sessions to my Assistant Manager Tony Whelan.



I used my Tiki Taka tactic and it was very solid . The defence was solid with only 12 goals scored against us in the league. The attack was also very strong with 61 goals scored.



The original squad was brilliant and I believe would have met the brief of finishing in the top 4. This being said,  I bought and sold a lot of players with the hope of taking this great club further. Among the casualties were Sanchez, Lingard and Fred who in my opinion were not as good as other players on the market.


The results

Good and bad - 1st year brought the premier league back to Old Trafford BUT with the squad we had, feel we could have won more. We were inconsistent in big matches such as the Caraboa Cup quarter final & more importantly, the Champions League Final against Tottenham. I think its important to keep perspective though and this was still a successful season which stamps Manchester United back as one of the best in the world.


Manager Stats


League Stats


Screenshot_20190302-110500_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20190302-110454_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

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1 hour ago, SSolas said:

My aim will be to help the youth players through whilst increasing our attendance to create even more of a fortress.

Can't wait to hear about Solas' Sonny's in the near future.

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So I have decided to not write up every season but my 2nd season was significant for a number of reasons.

The 2nd season was extremely successful with Manchester United FC wining the treble for only the 2nd time in history.  As seen below, we won back-to-back Premier League titles, the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League. This is on top of the FA Community Shield. This on a par with Sir Alex Ferguson's achievements, stamps the clubs place in the world and my Philosophy as a manager.


As you can see below, We have built a very strong squad. Our 2x key signings this season were Bernardo at left wing back & De Bruyne at Central Midfield. How does this squad compare to the one of 99? As a fan, I would always rate the chemistry & hard work of the 99 players but this is an impressive team.


Finally, The success of Manchester United won me World Coach of the year. This is a rare honour and believe my 1st currently on FMM19. This achievement confirms my Philosophy(Seen below) works and is a moving personal award for my management style.



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Good Evening All,

I am writing tonight because I have hit another key milestone in this save and more great achievements. I have reached 1,500 matches managing Manchester United FC.  Manchester United's greatest ever manager Alex Ferguson retired after managing the club for 1,500 matches. I would like to compare our reigns.


I have been using my traditional TIKI TAKA tactic for this save. The only amendment has been changing the tempo to slow which has helped. The tactic has worked extremely well allowing us to control matches and midfield in most matches.


Win Rates

Alex Ferguson managed 1,500 matches, winning 895 of those, giving him a win rate of 59.7%.He drew 338 matches and only lost 267. He won more half the games he managed at Manchester United which is a great achievement considering the tough task he first walked into & any club would take those stats.

In my reign. I have managed 1,500 matches, winning 1,107 of those, giving me a win rate of 73.80%. I drew 253 of those and have only lost 140 games. My win rate is better and to put this in perspective, Mourinho has a win rate of 64% and Pep Guardiola has a win rate of 76%.


All-time best XI


Manager's Trophy Cabinets

Alex Ferguson won 38 trophies over 26years at united. I have won 78 trophies so far. This is a 40 trophy difference which emphasises the impressive management of myself, however, again both successes are unbelievable and would likely never be surpassed.


Manchester United Season History

Below shows my progress over 23 years at United. My greatest achievement may be 3x Invincible seasons in 37/38,35/36 & 31/32. In addition to this, a lot has been said about Manchester City winning 2x titles in a row as it is hard to motivate players all the time and have that winning mentality, as well as world class players. This being said, I am currently on an 11x title streak and have dominated English domestic football.


The Club- Manchester United FC

The club has state of the art training facilities & youth facilities. This is something I inherited and any manager taking charge at united is equipped with the best tools for the job. The facilities enable new and current players to develop and grow quicker and better.

Old Trafford, the Theatre of dreams currently holds a capacity of over 74,000 which on the game has been expanded to 126,000! The outstanding run the club has had to date in both domestic & world football has lead to an increase in the average attendance. The demand does not fit the supply currently but with good results, my hope is it could.

Alex Ferguson's biggest win was 9-0 against Ipswich. My biggest win was7-0 against Club Brugge. This is something he beats me on.

In contrast, Alex's biggest defeat was a 6-1 thrashing to the neighbours Manchester City. Our biggest defeat was a 4-0 drubbing to Tottenham Hotspur. Do not think either of us is a winner there.

Youth is very important at Man Utd and the treble winning side were built on the class of 92' players. United's youngest player under Sir Alex was Ryan giggs at 17yrs and 3 months. Our youngest player used was T gagen at 18yrs old.

Finally, Transfers are fundamentally important to maintain standards and better the side you have. Sir Alex's biggest spend was on Dimitar Berbatov for £30.75. Our biggest spend was a whooping £194 on Gilles Deslandes who was an inside forward who is now more of a trequartista figure, His stats are shown below and he is a truly outstanding player.


really hope you have enjoyed this post!!!!!!!

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1st of well done on reaching your milestone.

I dont want to take anything away from you but the amount of league goals you managed each season was pretty low for Man Utd especially season 29/30 when you only scored 56! Wow.



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I'm impressed you managed to see this through for 30 seasons - the longest save I have managed is my current 1k attempt and I cant lie it gets a little too easy after 5,6 seasons - hats off for sticking this through

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Thank you both so much for your very kind words. Reaching the milestone of managing the same amount of matches as Sir Alex with Manchester United was a very happy moment. The fact that I matched and bettered his results made the moment even more special.

The comment about the goals for is a good point and information I had noticed as well. What I would say is my Tiki Taka system is very reliable defensively but is not always as reliable attacking wise. I think this is down to the team as despite having a great front three, IF the midfielders/defenders are weaker, the strikers will not get the service they need to score goals.👍

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The Club

The club has improved under my management. The stadium has been vastly expanded,The staff are all trained to the highest standard and results have led to our reputation being 5 stars. All of these confirm that my approach to football management works and is successful.

Here are just some of the stats from this 30 season successful period:

  • Highest avg rating in season - D.Crespo 8.13
  • Most player of match awards per season- M.Salah 16
  • Youngest player - H.Tyson 17
  • Highest transfer fee paid - G.Deslandes £194
  • Biggest Win - 7-0 Club Brugge
  • Most consecutive wins -19
  • Most games without defeat -40

As stated above, the results and success have been unparalleled and utterly World Class. Alex Ferguson won 13 Premier Leagues and left the game a legend, whereas we have won 24 Premier League titles - 15x consecutively. The Manchester United fans have seen an era of dominance both domestically & Globally of the likes that will never be seen in football history again.


The Manager

My management of Manchester United FC has been close-to perfection. My 74% win rate over 30 years shows how impressive the reign has been, with Pep Guardiola currently sitting on a 76% win rate. As stated below, the Board and Supporters feel I have been a 'Legendary' manager.



I took on this 30 year save because of my love for Manchester United FC. I have loved every second of it & will look back fondly on this save. It struck me how dedicated I became to it and how even regens now live long in the memory such as Javier Sosa, Deslandes, Crespo etc. I actually really loved this save and felt I did my club proud.

I guess in regards to the game itself I should bring up some points

  • The game froze once or twice at the end of a few matches when going to continue
  • The game could be harder and maybe the conditioning update could have been one way of doing this - I won 15x titles in a row!😲
  • Hall of fame is genuinely baffling as my 30 seasons should have warranted me being top of the list.
  • Despite wining 5x titles on some occasions, my budget the next season was still 100m.


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