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Chat Delete old games??


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So I was wondering what you do after a new version of FMM comes out. Do you delete that old version or just keep it for the memories??

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I've got every version from the first on the PSP until 2019 "ready to go", the only one I'm missing is mobile 2012 (lost the phone/account) but I've 2012 PSP. 

It's very rare I go back but I like the option

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I have FMM2018 still on my iPhone and nearly went back to playing it a few months ago.😂

I like to keep all of my old games, cd’s and dvd’s and that’s something I don’t like about this digital age whereby you hardly ever actually own anything. 

We gave all of our old games consoles and games back in the day to our younger cousins, we’re talking N.E.S, SNES and Mega Drive and whilst I’m sort of happy we did it I’m also kind of wishing we’d kept them as you can still rig them up to a modern tv which is good for nostalgia if nothing else.

I still have My PSP and sometimes play a few of the games from time to time. I like the master league mode on PES so sometime play that and I always liked Daxter and in particular the dream games so every few years I’ll totally complete that and enjoy it every time. 

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