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Help Need Help Figuring Out an Optimal Formation


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imageproxy.php?img=&key=869884a60f0c133dI need help finding a formation that works, and brings results, without struggle and having to park the bus. 

The formation below led me to back-to-back promotions, but in my first season with Sunderland, I've found it difficult to assert my playing style. 

I have provided a list of players (on loan and in the first team). Don'tDon't let the fixture list fool you, the wins have come with great struggle. 


(I also use a 4-2-3-1 formation but that has been an absolute shambles both in league and cup games, and a 4-2-4 modelled on Sir Alex's Manchester United formation, but I do not have the players for that formation- 2 BBMs).

A telling case is that of Abel Ruiz. He was too goalscorer in both promotion campaigns, even qualifying for the World Best XI in 2020, but his output has comparatively dropped. 


So, FMM Veterans, please help me out. Thanks. 









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I actually think you’re going well and should probably just keep going and try to gradually improve the squad. 

In the point of view of how I play I’d drop the high defensive line to balanced but probably keep the all over closing down. I’d go normal for tempo and maybe even try fast as I’ve had some good results with a fast tempo since the latest update. I’d also probably move the wing backs up to WBL/WBR and switch at least one of the cm’s to BBM. I see you have Zaniolo and I’ve used him as a BBM and he usually performs well so he could be the one although I really like the two as BBM’s but it does depend on the players as they need to be good all round players with great physical attributes.

In this system I really like pace for the IF’s and CF so my searches for those players will start with Shooting, Movement and Pace at 15 plus and take it from there.

This isn’t the right answer but it’s how I approach that system so it might give you some ideas of things to try.

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