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Challenges The Frank Lampard Chelsea Challenge

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👉 with the recent Chelsea transfer ban you are not allow to buy any player except Chelsea recent transfer ins 
👉 you must sell all unwanted players ( those who are not at Chelsea right now)
👉 you are allow to sell as much as possible but not to buy anyone 

👉 offer unwanted players to clubs even at lower price 
👉 buy wanted players at any price even at swap deals 
👉 we will play it for three season 
👉 win the league at least once in three season 
👉Win the uepa league or uepa champions league at least once (optional) 
👉Win manager of the year award (optional) 
👉 make your bank balance to 200mil before three seasons 

P.s we can create a group for the challenge if you are interested  comment

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Is here anybody who already started this challenge or is this place dead? 😁


Edit: Pulisic is already a Chelsea's player, just on a loan in Dortmund for one season... 

So technical question: challenge starts after the first season in summer 2019? 😅

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The challenge is one year ahead of its time. It’d be a great challenge in FM 2020 but confusing for 19. I don’t think you can recall the likes of Mount or Abraham in your 1st season, who Lampard’s been using a lot, and also you state you get rid of players who left, so that’s Hazard, Higuain gone, and there’s a transfer ban. Your attack for the 1st season would get you sacked!

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I've been doing a similar career for a while. I went on holiday thorough the first season without making any transfers at all, with my Ass Man (Zola) coming third in the league, losing the Carabao Cup final and winning the FA Cup. The board almost sacked me (harsh I felt), but I just about survived to the next season.

Then I made all the requisite transfers and effectively began the challenge at the start of Season 2. Currently top of the league on goal difference and into the Champions League semi-finals. But out of both domestic cups. Finding a lack of real strength in depth the biggest challenge, especially up front.

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