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Chat The Plug’n’Play Concept; a discussion

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Hey guys; long time listener here although not a first time caller; I’ve contributed very sporadically over the years, more in the form of comments as opposed to content and useful information.

I’ve been a big fan of the series for a long time; I especially love FMM as it means I can take it on the go, play whenever I want but I don’t have to obsess about the details affiliated with the PC game.

Controversial as it sounds, I’ve always used tactics on this site to play the game with. I don’t always have time to come up with my own, and when I’m wanting to take Concord Rangers up to the Championship with British only players whilst secretly asset stripping the club of its best individuals whilst still wondering if it can survive (a la Southampton and Newcastle style), this site has become a valuable resource for me and many people like me.

Because of this, I have to tip my hat to all those die hard fans that test and try all the tactics on this site to make sure that anything titled ‘win everything’ or ‘God Tactics’ or ‘Any Team Formation’ so that what works for York City and Forrest Green also works for Hamburg, Torino, Getafe and the like.

That being said, I feel like the recent spate of bug fixes and updates have not only not truly been fixed (i’ll get onto that on another thread), but a lot of tactics seem to fail in a way that they’ve never failed before.

I realize that players need to be more in tune with the formation and the margins are finer when it comes to this subject in the FMM2019 version, but what are everyone’s thoughts on this?

Are my beloved ‘plug n play’ tactics dead? Is their still room for them to exist in the game? Or do we hate them because it makes the game too easy? Do the developers troll this site to counteract them with an updated AI when there’s a bug that needs fixing?

Seriously interested in people’s opinions on this matter, especially those that have been contributing on this thread for years and consistently aka @AndersJ @shosky and others (sorry I don’t know the handles of everyone here).

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First of all, Thanks for the write and i like you, enjoy this game because i can take on the go :)

i also enjoy it because i constant look for "the Holy grail" tactic. The one that can just let me plug and play this game! I normally take 2-4 seasons with a team. I sell and build up, and i sometimes make my own tactics, but more often i look and get inspired of what others ( that want to share - unfortunately very few theese days ) have created. On that topic i always want the creator to have testet the tactic themeself AND mostly in the first 1-2 seasons or else most tactics wont show their true colors ( read anyone can win in 2026 with Messi regens and so on ).

you ask about many things but no i dont Think that there is ONE tactic that works in England, Italy AND Germany if you are a normal midtable team. BUT i do Think you can win in all leagues when you are in 2025 fx because the game then gets to many regens/spawned Grey players. so if you have patience is you can go to plug and play there :)

i am surely one of them that thinks that the creators look at this FMM site and in the fb group for great tactics to ruin, but thats just me 😜😅

of topic if you need a fun and unrealistic tactic just write me a pm, im testing it at the moment and anything is possible 😎

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