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Career Foxy’s Race to 50


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Back in early May @Rob came to me with a challenge idea called the Race to 50 and asked if I would take a look. It was an interesting and fun looking idea and I thought the best way to check it works and if any tweaks needed to be made was to give it a go. That’s what I did and posted the results to Rob with us both deciding his original idea needed no tweaking.

He then posted the challenge on the site in this thread here.

I then forgot I had actually played the challenge till the end of last week when Rob reminded me so I had a trawl through my attachments and in the end I found four screenshots that prove I did in fact do the challenge.

The premise of the challenge is an easy one.

  • Take over at Monaco.
  • Make any transfers you wish.
  • Score 50 league goals as quickly as possible.
  • You must be top of the league when you hit 50 goals or you keep playing until you are top.

Thats it, nice and simple and hopefully fairly quick to play.


Monaco aren’t quite as rich as they once were but they start with a decent budget so I was able to make plenty of transfers having shipped out some players as well. I didn’t feel like the squad was up to much which is probably why they have been shite in real life as well so I tried to improve across the pitch.

This challenge is about goalscoring though so my two biggest deals were strikers in the shape of Jay Rodriquez and Moussa Marega.


I was hoping I could smash the target in around about half the season which is 19 games in France. In the end it took me a little longer than that though as we scored goal 50 in the 21st match of the season as we pummelled Strasbourg 4-0.


All well and good but we also needed to be top of the league which isn’t so easy with PSG sniffing around.


Luckily PSG were in generous mood and 2 lost games and 3 draws in those 21 matches were still enough to see us comfortably top.


Moussa Marega justified my faith in him by scoring 24 goals all in the league so almost half the total we needed. Ronny Lopes also did well with 9, Vinicius got 8 and Jay Rodriguez who played as an IF got 5 but was our joint top assister with 5 alongside Fabregas.


I was a little disappointed I couldn’t get the job done a bit quicker but all in all it wasn’t too bad an effort.

Score: 20th January 2019 60 minutes

A really fun challenge this one that can be smashed out easily in an evening.

Thanks for reading and most comments are appreciated.

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22 hours ago, Ian said:

Excellent score Foxy and it looks a nice little quick challenge this.


15 hours ago, Rob said:

Thanks for giving it a go. Great time.

Cheers lads.

It was a fun challenge to do and although my time is decent I’m sure it’s beatable.

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