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Challenges The 200 International Goal Challenge


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The 200 International Goal Challenge

Credit to @anfieldsquirrel for setting the challenge up first.

Basically this is the international version of the 1,000 goal challenge. Start with a young player preferably. Try and get 200 goals with any player for their country.


  • Player can be real or regen (preferably real but regen is okay)
  • Not allowed to use previous international goals. So if a player starts with 50 goals then he has to finish with 250 it has to be 200 under your management.
  • You have to manage the country the player plays with, eg; you can't be at a club and then take the credit if he gets 200.
  • You can enter the leaderboard as many times as you want.
  • Usual rules, no editor, own formation. 


@Scratch: Naci Ünüvar - Holland - 318 Goals

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