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Challenges Probably The Best League In The World Challenge


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Probably The Best League In The World Challenge


Credit to @Mr.Manager for creating this challenge.

If Carlsberg made football leagues...

This is a challenge I've set myself a few times over the years, and I have to warn you now, it's a long one. Also, apologies if this challenge is an old one, I did search the archives but I may have missed it.

The Background

You may have noticed this before, but if you select competitions from the main menu, you have the option of checking out the league standards.

As you'd probably expect, La Liga in Spain is the current no. 1 league, followed by the other big 4 of Germany, England and Italy.


The leagues are ranked based on the performances of their clubs in continental competition over the last four seasons. Spain are obviously number 1 given the success that Real, Barca, Atletico and Sevilla have all tasted in recent years.

However, over time this can change.

The General Idea

For this challenge, I want you to start a career in a lower ranked league and improve the standard through success in continental competition until the league is ranked the best in the world.

The lower ranked leagues are as follows:

10th - Turkey

14th - Holland

21st - Poland

23rd - Scotland

45th - N. Ireland

46th - Ireland

50th - Wales

Note: you can't do this challenge with Australia, as the standard of that league doesn't improve no matter how successful you are.


  • Start a career in one of the lower ranked leagues
  • Improve league standard through success in Europe
  • Challenge is completed once your league is ranked no.1


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