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Challenges FMM Goes to the Movies: Superbad

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FMM Goes to the Movies: Superbad


The ultimate coming of age story, Superbad mixes the real-life angst many of us feel (or felt a long time ago in my case) as we near the end of high school, with brilliant comedy moments from best friends Seth and Evan.

Ably assisted by their mono-named friend McLovin, the boys attempt to score as much as possible before heading off to college. Underage drinking, copious amounts of sexual innuendo and foul language and a couple of rogue cops give us a laugh fest that needs to be watched again and again.

The Challenge

'Score' as much as possible before you head off to college.

1 season challenge.

Choose 2 teenage strikers (aged 18 or under). These are your Seth and Evan.

Choose your McLovin to assist them. He may be any age but must use a single moniker instead of his real name e.g. Ronaldinho. I have a feeling we'll be going mostly Brazilian here!

Score = Seth + Evan goals + McLovin assists.

To keep things as equal as possible, let's stick to any of the top 5 leagues (Spain, England, Italy, France and Germany).

Plot twist: As the boys are not in college yet, you cannot use any team that qualified for the Champions League last year i.e. no Real, PSG or Man City. High school level clubs only!

All usual challenge rules apply.

Time to prove yourself.


Extended Scenes: OK so not technically in the film but, if any of you wanted to use a bigger team, how about this.

After your Seth and Evan graduate by achieving a Champions League place with your High School club in season 1, you may play a second season with any club you like, College level.

Same scoring rules and combine the 2 season scores. I'll create separate 'Main Film' and 'Extended Scenes' leaderboard.

Link to full index

Wall of Fame: Main film


Wall of Fame: Extended scenes


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