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Can anyone clarify if the position you train your player, has to be the same as the position you're playing them in.

e.g training as a complete forward, but playing as a poacher (in your tactics).


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The role you train them in effects the attributes they train in as shown by the highlighted attributes in there profile.

In my experience it makes no difference if you train them in one role to improve certain attributes but then the play them in another role. I don’t think players learn how to play a specific role but instead it is just the attributes that determine how they will perform in that role compared to another.

I often train my defenders as BPD but play them as CD. That is so they train more attributes and hopefully become better players but I just prefer the CD role in match.

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Agree with @Foxy totally. I train players in different roles to how I play them depending on what i think will give best attribute spread. I tend to play with BPD but train initially as CD with a focus on passing so Aerial isn’t left out. 

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I've always tended to train the players in the key attribute they are weakest at for the role I want them for. 

Reading the replies above, does this mean it would be better to pick an attribute outside of the key ones on the basis that those should be covered anyway? That is if any others would be useful but there would tend to be another useful one.

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