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Career New 1k attempt

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So as some ppl will know I have started 2 versions of this with Ajax and had phone issues that meant I couldn't carry on . Now I have a new phone and done some 10 seasons with inter and man utd.

So decided to try this again but this time with Celtic and no transfer restrictions.

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Season 1 stats .

Had a 442 tactic from my other saves that did very well , so converted it to a 4231and had some success






Now my striker 



Screenshot_20200707-052224.pngand his stats for the season


And his goal tally was good for a first season


Screenshot_20200707-052335.png64 in 50 games is a good return, hopefully can push on in season 2 and got over 70.

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Screenshot_20200710-164438.thumb.png.e21b3d641107b3eac6c4b00ff75fb7ad.pngSeason 2

So this season tried to limit the transfers and low the wage budget , so I have the money to max out the training facilities, but as my right winger and goal keeper were loans that's the 2 roles I needed to spend on. Managed to strengthen and make a profit




And got the board to upgrade my training facilities


So won some stuff and made it out of the group in the champs league but the lost to Liverpoolimageproxy.php?img=&key=29906ed9e9968481



Players stats have developed well


And he didn't make 70 goals target but came close , had issues in January as someone tried to buy him and it unsettled him till march and he wasn't on form for the 3 months, but 63 in 53 is a good return , so on 127 / 1000 after 2 seasons . Hopeful I can keep him settled as the rest of the team improve and get further in Europe 😃.


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So have been continuing with this but can't find mosy of my screen shots but here is some updates.

As you can see almost at 500 , biggest issue is keeping players for the rest of the team buy have made alot of money selling 



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