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Career Dai's "Badge 03" attempt. Redknapping.


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Hello. This is my attempt at the 3rd Badges of Honour challenge. I'm excited about this one as its right up my alley. Managing lower League teams is what I do when not doing challenges. Anywho, here's how it went.






We just seem to be a feeder club for Barnsley. 🤣🙈 WTH like? Exactly 15 out, as required.





More than the 15 required. All freebies. Didn't feel like I needed much more. Usually I'd be fussy about age and potential but seeing as its only a one season challenge I just signed players for instant impact.



League Cup


Meh 😑


FA Cup


Defeated Charlton, Coventry & Burnley on our way to the QF. Done well to only lose 3-2 going by City's chances.


Papa John's 


Wee Buns 😁


League One


Smashed it. I'm even disappointed at the 8 draws because they all came from winning positions bar one. We did steal a few late wins along the way too, but still. Strive for excellence. 🤣


Standout Player/s



I noticed a few others that have done this challenge kept him. I'd suggest everyone going to attempt the challenge keep him and make him your focal point in attack. As you can see. Its worth it.



Just an honourable mention for Pacheco. If ever Harrison was struggling then he'd step up.


Manager Profile & History




Final Score

League points: 122

Goal difference: 72

TOTAL: 194


Thanks for Reading 👍

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4 minutes ago, RichD said:

Another great effort with a challenge Dai, brilliant season and great score 😁

Was hoping to be at the top but yours is a fantastic score, tbh.

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Great job mate. I almost kept Harrison because he looks pretty good, but there was something that made me sell him (I think he may have been unprofessional? or something like that). That's a massive season from him though! 

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