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Challenges James Tavernier One Season Scoring Challenge

Kun Aguero

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James Tavernier One Season Scoring Challenge


A right-back probably won't be one you look at in any goal-scoring challenges, but James Tavernier of Rangers had been a surprising name in Europe's Top Scorers list this season, having scored 17 goals for them this season, even more that what Ronaldo and Messi had scored this season at some point. Not only did he scored 17 goals, he's also the Top Playmaker in Scottish Premiership this season with 8 assists so far, all from a right-back position. His excellent form this season had seen Rangers leading the table by a huge 12 points gap (though Celtic had a few games in hand), and had a great chance in ending Celtic's domination in Scotland.

This challenge will see you managing in the Mighty Rangers of Scotland, getting as many goals and assists as possible from Tavernier in 1 season, while playing as a RB or RWB.

The Challenge

1. Take charge of Rangers for one season. (Transfers are allowed)

2. Play James Tavernier as RB/RWB.

3. Get as many goals and assists as possible from Tavernier.

4. Win the league.

5. You will only be ranked in the leaderboard if you win the Scottish Premiership title. Your points will be your League Points + Goal Difference + Goals & Assists by James Tavernier.

6. Usual challenge rules apply.

Have fun, and let me know if I missed anything. 😄


Edited by Kun Aguero
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54 minutes ago, Kun Aguero said:

Lol accidentally hit the Submit button before typing anything 😂

That should Broodje’s kind of mistake! 😂

Nice challenge btw

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