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Career Geordiekrispy's Badge-o-rama - #5 - Bruno - Done


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So I was able to fit in most of Badge number 5 before heading off on my European adventure.


Here's the transfers I made, Man Utd have a decent enough squad, so nothing major (probably not a good idea, but meh it's what I did)




The most annoying thing when you spend 82m on a CD is when they get injured for pretty much the entire season



In terms of trophies... We won the league, FA Cup and League Cup, losing the Champions League final to Borussia Dortmund


So I found it a real struggle to get Bruno assisting consistently, I tried various different formations and roles, but he just didn't want to pass the ball in a meaningful manner.





The rest of my team/forwards had a lovely time though, just making chances themselves...



So that puts my score for this badge as:

25 (goals) + 26*2=52 (assists) = 77 points...

Just scraping in and into the bottom third of the leaderboard @RichD if you can do the honours please.

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Well done mate, great season for the team there. Bruno done well as well to achieve you you’re badge. I shall add you to the leaderboard now 😁

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Good job mate. I know some people got more assists out of him than that, but I got around that. Not sure how to get more from him than that. Anyway, well done on getting the badge!  

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