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Help Why has a player disappeared after reconsidering retirement?

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Hi all,

I am managing West Brom, and one of my players, Andy Lonergan, decided he wanted to retire at the end of my second season, but I asked him to reconsider this decision, in which he did, so that he would be in the team in my third season at the club. So, after he reconsidered retiring, this was the message that was in my inbox:



Andy Lonergan has indicated that he was flattered by your request for him to continue playing for another season.

In a private meeting, he told you that he would be delighted to stay on at the club.

[West Brom]


Now, when I started my third season, Andy Lonergan had completed disappeared from my game, as he wasn't in my starting eleven, I could not even search for him, and he was no-where to be found.

So, I am confused about what has happened here... Like, he reconsidered retiring, but when going into my third season, he was completely gone! No trace of him was left in my game.

Any help here would be appreciated, explaining what has happened.


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It’s happened to me when I was doing Augusta challenge on here, I needed to sign a player 35+ and I agreed it in January and then he signed in June and then disappeared . So it must be a bug 👎🏻

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@PepGuardiola47 - I think it is a bug too; I have started a support ticket with SEGA - I hope they acknowledge this issue. @Rich - damn, that must have been annoying; however, since posting this, more of my older players have disappeared.

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