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Challenges Wolfsburg 08/09


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some of you may remember the most unlikely budesliga title win in the competition by Felix magath's wolfsburg side, beating bayern munich to the title by just 2 points, this was made possible only by what would be the most prolific strike partnership in the history of bundesliga which was between Edin Dzeko and Grafite as they both scored a combined 54 league goals, Grafite and Dzeko were bought that season for a combined 9.6m euros along with 3 other players, 

The Goal of this competition is to show how great you are as a coach by recreating the heroics of Felix Magath
-Use a two striker formation as often as possible

-You are to buy two strikers for a combined price of 10m, one should be below 30 and one above 30, the challenge would be centered on this 2 strikers

-You can decide to buy at most 3 other players of your choice (optional) but you shouldnt spend more than 30m all together (that is plus your 2 strikers)

-This challenge is focused on the league alone and also your two strikers, so try and finish as high as possible, and play both strikers when ever you can

-No loans, sell as much as you like


Win the league - 40points
3rd-2nd position - 20points
5th-4th position - 10points
below 5th - 0points

highest team league goals - 20points
highest team clean sheets - 10points

CHALLENGE POINTS - Players (the two strikers you bought)
Goal Combination
60>>> - 50 points
50-59 - 40 points
40-49 - 30 points
30-39 - 20 points
20-29 - 10 ponts
15-19 - 5 points

Awards (your two strikers)
highest goal scorer - 30 points
two of your strikers in top 3 highest goal scorers - extra 20points
Player of the year (not fans) - 10points
Team of the year (again, not fans) - 5 points per player (only your two strikers are recognised)

Manager Of the year - 10 points


No player exchange is allowed

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3 hours ago, hhooo said:

Love the transfer and spending limits. The two players have to be be new strikers, correct? 


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