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Chat Strikerless AND Defenderless Formations?!

Striker-less AND Defender-less?!  

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  1. 1. What do you think about trying a formation with no strikers AND no defenders?

    • Done it before + LOVED it
    • Never tried it - good idea
    • Never tried it - stupid idea
    • Done it before + HATED it
    • Don’t know / other

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You know Strikerless tactics...

... but have you tried a Strikerless AND Defenderless tactic?!

What? No players in either the back line (e.g. no FBs and no DCs) AND no players in the front line.

In front of a GK, this means you can only have players across the middle 3 horizontal rows of a formation - the WB/DM row, the IW/MC row and the IF/SS/AM row. 

Why? These formations are super-compact, and allow very little space for opposition teams to pass the ball in.

How? I love the compact 433 (I.e. a 0-4-4-3-0):

  • 2 x Anchors - more positional discipline than DM or BWM.
  • 2 x WB or IWB - your choice - though I’d only play IWB if you also play B2B.
  • 2 x CM, B2B, or BWM (on the sides) 
  • 1 x Playmaker (in the middle) - a DLP / RP / AP depending on how you want to setup
  • 1 x IF and 1 x IW (from the flanks)
  • 1x SS or AM (in the middle)


Either you want a High-Pressing game, with a SS, 2x BWM, an RP or AP in the center of midfield, plus high defensive line & ideally a fast 2x Anchors & Sweeper Keeper.

OR you can have a Low-Block style, with an AMC, 2x CM, a DLP in the Center of midfield, plus a deep defensive line with low pressing. 

Question - what do you think + have you tried something like this before?!

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