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Help Why CA/PA are so different with these 2 players


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I'm so confused about CA/PA. I understand that scouts are the ones suggesting them but it seems completely wrong sometimes their suggestion.

I have a player which came from youth development and after a few years became a beast.

I then managed to climb from Vanarama up to Premiere league in a few years.

Last year i sold the player Hickman and checked his PA which is only 3.5 while CA is 3.

Then i check a random other goalkeeper which has CA and PA at 4.5.

1. Why is Gabriel Slonina considered 4.5 while Hickman looks like a monster with only 3.5 according to scouts.

2. Hickman should be obviously the best goalkeeper based on stats alone or is there something else i don't see hidden ? None of them have special traits.

3. Does playing experience in premiere league increase CA/PA?





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I often wondered this until I realised that scouts have absolutely no idea what they're talking about with regards to potential. Trust the stats

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Have you checked the player’s “coach report” page - which shows the current ability stats, potential stats, and strengths/weaknesses?

  • It may be Hickman is “in poor form” - so has his stars reduced by 0.5-1 star.
  • And it may be that Slolina is “in good form” do has his stars increased by 0.5-1 star.

However - you are the manager (not the scout nor assistant) - so agree with @Chris - judge based on attributes, personality + how they perform for you 👍 

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How to say, the PA and CA of the mobile version only show the star level, unlike the computer version, which is a specific number. It is possible that the difference between 4 stars and 3.5 stars is not much. One star is about 1-40 full levels, and the upper limit of two stars is 80. That is to say, if the 4 stars are 140, the 3.5 stars 139 is also possible. I can only get a general idea. I still need scouting tools.

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My worry is about how the player can perform in the end.

While Hickman has better stats, Gabriel has definitely more experience playing in Premiere League.

Both players are NOT in my team. This means if i want to buy a player i'd have to check his experience first?

If i have to judge players by stats but they don't perform because they are afraid to play big games that might be a problem. Of course this could be solved by playing them more often but that might lead to some losses if i have too many players like hickman who are afraid playing against big teams.

In the end Hickman was bought but never plays for Chelsea even thought stat wise he's the best they have.

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The stars shown in the game by the staff are the staff's view. They are often very different from the real CA/PA the player has, but there's no way to see the real CA/PA in the game. You can see the real star values in the Editor (if you buy that) and sooner or later I will get my scouting app (Android only, won't be free) going with 23 and that will show you the 0-200 values.

But the stars you see in the game itself are supposed to be inaccurate, at least to a degree, to reflect reality. Most of us think they are a little bit too inaccurate though, to the point where they are almost useless! 

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