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Chat Anyone able to help :(


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4 minutes ago, Charlielfc24 said:

I bought my netflix subscription. Then installed football manager but keep getting this screen 


Anyone know how to fix 



That usually means the version of the NetFlix app on your device is out of date.

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Once you've updated - If you have any issues logging into the game then Netflix recommend you fully power down your device and reboot it, then relaunch the game.

(it might be that there is something running on your system that might be 'tripping' their copy-protection, most likely a storage/access tool that might be usable for warez purposes or something odd - rebooting the device will most likely leave it out of memory and allow your login)

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I'm getting an error saying it can't connect to client via appboot. I gave tried uninstall and reinstall Netflix and FM24 and restarting my mobile device but not working still. Any ideas?

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Are people having an issue with a saved game being deleted. I spent many hours since the release. Got to second season. And then from no where my saved game deleted?!? (Using iPhone. FM24 touch via Netflix) also the fake kits and logos. Is that a general issue or only for Netflix users? Thanks. 

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