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Superstars of FMM2016


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Likely Superstars of FMM2016

Hey guys UK here, bringing you how I think FMM2016 will pan out with players! Including:

  • Superstars from the start of the game
  • 2015 Wonderkids who will start as Superstars
  • 2015 Wonderkids who will stay the same
  • 2015 Wonderkids who will no longer be Wonderkids
  • 2015 Players that failed to live up to the in game success
  • Older players that will lose their Superstar status

Superstars right from the start

1. Lionel Messi


2. Cristiano Ronaldo


3. Neymar


4. Luis Suarez


5. Eden Hazard


6. Sergio Aguero


7. Paul Pogba


8. Gareth Bale


9. James Rodriguez


10. Robert Lewandowski


11. Arturo Vidal


Thats it from this section as we all know the usual suspects that will have made this list.



Honourable Mentions

  • Gerard Pique
  • Manuel Neuer
  • Mats Hummels
  • David Silva
  • Yaya Toure
  • Wayne Rooney
  • Alexis Sanchez
  • Thibault Courtois
  • David De Gea


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FMH2015 from will be Superstars right from the start of FMM2016

1. Raheem Sterling


After his tansfer to Man City he will be in line for a big upgrade imo as you can see his stats don't fully represent how hes done IRL so far this season.

2. Rafinha


After breaking into the first team at Barcelona he has proved his class and will be upgraded to a higher standard again even though he is already a decent player. Unfortunately his injury will hold him back big time now IRL buy hopefully he can make a comeback.

3. Alvaro Morata


After his great season last term with Juventus getting to the Champions League Final, and being a huge part of that aswell, will ensure a big upgrade for the 22 year old.

He will surely be Juventus' lead man.again this time round so expect a superstar to be born for FMM2016.

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There are alot of others that I'd consider superstars already on FMH2015 like Neuer, Hummels, Pique, Busquets etc but didnt want to overload that section lol will add an honourable mentions section for them maybe

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4. Nicolas Otamendi


After his big transfer to Man City he will be up for an upgrade on a set of already impressive stats.


 5. Marc-Andre ter Stegen


On FMH2014 he was a go to keeper at Gladbach and rightly earnt himself a move to Barcelona and in the 2014/15 season proved his worth with a great season between the sticks including a Champions League winners medal!


6. Philippe Coutinho


The Liverpool Playmaker has become a huge part of the team and has been winning games on his own at times! He deserves a decent upgrade imo and i'm sure he'll get it aswell.


7. Antoine Griezmann


Not as good a season for Atletico after their Champions League Final appearance in the 2013/14 season but Griezmann has still been awesome and I feel he will make that step into a true superstar this term.


8. Kevin De Bruyne


Man City have paid a massive sum for this guy and I think he'll play a big part in a big season for City this season, maybe not a huge upgrade for him but an upgrade none the less will see him move up into that Superstar category.


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Coutinho is a player I'm really worried about! He's been my favourite LFC player for a while now (even when we had Suarez, you knew he wouldn't hang around). 

In FMH I've found him next to useless, I've never got him performing like other players in his position and he's constantly moaning about IT etc. 

I really hope he's the player I want him to be on 2016, if he is that's worth the 7 quid right there as I'm that desperate to unleash him! 

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