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Tactics Any luck with INF formations (Enhanced)


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I'm not a fan of using unrealistic tactics such as the drift style formations or stuff like 3-2-2-2 in a collumn etc


Has anybody had any success with formations so far on the enhanced engine with wide players, in particular inside forwards? I've been trying but i'm finding it incredibly frustrating. I've tried out tactics on here such as the 4-2-1-3 which is absolutely daft but it works so well! I'd really like to try and find a decent 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-2-2(wide)-1 style system.


Any thoughts?

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Hi mate, maybe you can take a look this post.

In enhance engine, we still can make INF to cut inside. But the rules are little changed.

Below formation maybe you can try.

xxx    xxx   xxx   PCR  xxx

INF   C M  xxx   xxx   WNG

xxx   DLM xxx  BBM  xxx

xxx   xxx   xxx   xxx   xxx

WB   CD   xxx   CD   FB


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I've been playing around with a tactic




      BWM BBM

WNG     IF      IF 



Short passing

Focus middle

GK pass short 



Offside trap

Main attacker IF (either one)

Main creator Winger

Set winger to take corners both sides

I also set my IF (mine is a guy called Chaves from Boca Juniors) as my penalty taker

Playing as an inside forward either on the left or central, he has scored about 80 goals in two seasons for me..

The tactic was an attempt at a possession based tactic but ended up being more like Fergis Man U

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