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Top Ten Leaders in FMM2016


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The summer transfer season at the start of your career can be the most exciting, yet most drawn out part of your game. So you're almost hitting September. You've signed that nineteen year old powerhouse, with more composure than Katherine Jenkins on a grand stage in Europe. You've managed to lure an unknown goalkeeper with reflexes compare-able to those witnessed in Jet Li's 'The One', and you snapped up a Spanish playmaker with passing abilities that cause insecurities to the likes of Ozil and Xavi. All You need now is a leader of men to strike fear into the hearts of these boys, and motivate them to becoming men worthy of being crowned champions.
In this list we are going to look at the top ten leaders in FMM2016. These players all have 20/20 in the leadership attribute, and can be found with England, Spain, Italy and Germany leagues loaded, with England being the main.

Daniele Conti - £0 (Free Agent)

Daniele Conti comes in tenth on the list. He is a 36 year old, Italian defensive midfielder, who can be found on the free agents list. With plenty of greens in the mental attributes, and all around blues in physical and technical attributes, he will slot straight in with your new found heroes.

Andy Butler - £180k (Doncaster Rovers)

Andy Butler is a 31 year old, English monster of a centre back, who can be picked up for less than half a million from the League One side. With Greens in all defensive stats, including 18 in positioning and 17 in tackling, you can be sure he will fire the team from the back.

Didier Drogba - £1.3m (Montreal Impact)

Didier Drogba is a 37 year old, Ivorian striker. Despite his age, Didier will still dominate in the air, whilst motivating your team into order. With greens in strength and aerial, you can be sure to see him heading his way to victory, game after game.

Angelo Palombo - £1.5m (Sampdoria)

Angelo is a 33 year old, Italian Ball Winning Mid, capable of filling in defence. He is far from an international superstar, but he does have all the stats you want in a central midfielder, which combined with his 20 leadership, can make him a valuable asset to your team.

Francesco Totti - £1.4m (AS Roma)

A global fan favourite for the best part of two decades, the 38 year old Italian will still rack up the goals and assists, with plenty of greens technically and mentally. His stamina falls to a mere 8 though, so you will have to bare this in mind when viewing your upcoming fixtures.

Luisao - £2m (SL Benfica)

Luisao is a 34 year old, Brazilian defensive powerhouse, who will smash pain into the opposition, before scaring the inconsistency out of your team. With 18 in strength, positioning and aerial, as well as greens across the entire mental section, he is sure to dominate the entire pitch with his forced leadership.

Igor Denisov - £3.2m (Dinamo Moscow)

Igor could potentially be your top pick. The 31 year old is basically the Russian version of Scott Parker, with plenty of greens in the mental section, and enough stamina to last to the end of each and every game. 

Steven Gerrard - £2m (LA Galaxy)

The 35 year old English superstar, debuts the States with the preferred Adv. Playmaker role, and with greens in all the stats that accompany it, you can be sure to have a captain that racks up the goals and assists.

John Terry - £6.25m (Chelsea)

The 34 year old, English defender is a force to be reckoned with alone, so combine him with a team of bloodthirsty football prodigies, and you can guarantee success will follow. With greens across the mental and defensive attributes, John will provide a powerful backbone to your team.

Gianluigi Buffon - £16.75m (Juventus)

If theres is any player in the world who is capable of leading your team to the very end, then This renowned Italian superstar is definitely the man. The chances of him joining your team are very slim though, considering he is 37 years old, and more likely available for no less than £25m. Putting that aside he still tops our list, due to his shear goalkeeping ability, and all around leadership dominance.


So there is our top ten Leaders in FMM2016. If there are any players who you would have included instead of those above, please leave your thoughts in the comments, whilst also noting that this list is intended to give you a player who can lead your team from the start of your career, for a few seasons while you nurture a long term captain.

Thanks for reading!

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Nice work Froodie,

I always buy Danny Bath from Wolverhampton Wolves.. Doesnt matter if I play with a Top Team or not, the dude always performs and most of the time he leads my defence and team to Victory.. Very consistent. And a bargain too, you can pick him up around €5m and with all the greens in physical mental en technics you can even make him better with some IT training. And the good part.. he is only 24! I prefer someone that leads for a couple of years instead an oldtimer that resigns after a year..

danny bath ajax.png

danny bath begin.png

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