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Best Coach Team Guide


Coaches are a new feature in Football Manager Mobile 2016. Each coach has an Aptitude and a Specialisation with a Badge.


Aptitude is how well the coach works. Some are good and some are bad. 

Ones to sign

  • Natural. The best aptitude. This is reserved for coaches who have the most potential growth.
  • Normal.  Good growth. They have a decent chance of getting to the next badge.

Ones to avoid:

  • Poor. Little chance of reaching the next badge.
  • None. Hardly any (if any) potential to grow into a better coach.


Specialisation is what the coach trains. These are the following:

  • Attacking. The attacking attributes such as crossing, passing, shooting, movement etc... get trained more with this coach
  • Defensive. Opposite to the attacking coach the defensive attributes are trained more. These include tackling and positioning.
  • Fitness. Helping recover player fitness between matches as well as the three "fitness" attributes in which are pace, stamina and strength.
  • General. The balanced coach. He does a bit of everything.
  • Goalkeeping. Trains the goalkeeping attributes in order to improve the men responsible for keeping the ball out of your net.
  • Motivational. Encourages players to make them happier, even more so when they hardly play.
  • Youth. Aids your younger players' growth to help them reach their potential.


Badges determine how good the coach is. These are rated in three levels.

  • BronzeThe lowest level of badge.
  • Silver. Average coach.
  • Gold. One of the best coaches in the world and the highest badge that can be acquired.


The Method

In order to build your ideal coaching team there is an easy way to determine which coaches you need.


The best way is to analyse the team you are about to play. By spending a few minutes counting up the style allows you to see which is the most common. Do this by counting up from the following

  • Attacking. Attacking Midfielders and Strikers
  • Defensive. Central Defenders and Defensive/Central Midfielders with high tackling
  • Fitness. Less than 10 Stamina.
  • General. Defender Left/Right and Midfielders who do not match Attacking or Defensive
  • Goalkeeping. Goalkeepers.
  • Motivational. Players with "Okay" or below morale.
  • Youth. Players of 21 and Under.


Counting these up then seeing which are the most frequent allows you to see how many players would be trained by the coaches and therefore at the largest advantage. While this may not be different for each coach it is a good indication of the direction of your team.

Additionally if you are determined to go in a certain direction then this area would be considered even though it may not be in the top few of above. However determination to change the club philosophy quickly will soon mean it would be.



In order to show this I have used 4 teams of different strengths and determined what is the best for them. I will now show you each of these and what I will do.


Arsenal (4+1)    
ATT    11
DFN    6
FTNS    0
GK    3
GN    6
MTV    1
YTH    6

Arsenal can have 4 coaches and yourself. As you can see they have a heavy bias towards attacking so it would be good to put 2 coaches in this then 1 in the other 3 main categories - Defensive, General and Youth.

AFC Wimbledon (1+1)    
ATT    8
DFN    4
FTNS    7
GK    3
GN    8
MTV    0
YTH    10

AFC Wimbledon can only have 1 coach and yourself. The club has a lot of strong youth players whom are around the first team including in the starting line up. Therefore training these and maintaining high youth levels as well as training generally would be my choice. Training generally would be better than attacking or fitness due to them also impacting attacking and fitness meaning it will impact more players without adopting a specific philosophy.

Real Betis (3+1)    
ATT    12
DFN    7
FTNS    5
GK    2
GN    7
MTV    0
YTH    7

Spanish club Real Betis have 4 coaches (including yourself). Again they are overwhelmingly attacking so it could be good to sacrifice the general for this attacking philosophy. This will allow training of most of the players and in particular the very strongest area (attacking) without wasting an option on a neutral option that will more or less train the same players but not as well.


Juventus (4+1)    
ATT    7
DFN    6
FTNS    0
GK    3
GN    6
MTV    1
YTH    1

Juventus despite having 5 coaches available (including yourself) have only 3 main areas - attacking, defensive and general. They are a very balanced team and could benefit from most coaches. It is all about direction with Juventus. While the top ones are three then it depends on what you want to do for the last 2. I would personally look to invest in youth and with this hiring a youth coach is a good option. For the last coach then it depends on mentality or whether there is an aim to have a big squad. Investing in a lot of youth would lead to either mass sales or a heavy rotation policy. If it is the latter then a motivational coach may be a wise option. However if there is a clear direction such as attacking then having two of these coaches may be the best suited. If it is none of these then another General would be the best.


Final Words

In closing it is all on personal taste. Analysing the team first gives a clear show of the current squad but if there are plans to heavily change philosophy then there is no point in doing this.  Using analysis and foresight you can easily get a coaching team that you want in order to grow your players to their maximum abilities. However make sure there is no neglect to a large portion of the squad.

Using coaches in order to combat issues such as large squads causing unhappiness or low fitness can be a productive benefit to keep your team winning. When used sensibly coaches aren't just good for growth but also for solutions before problems arise.

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I am now into my second season with Everton and despite almost weekly adverts for staff, I still haven't had a Defensive coach appear. Would be great if you could search.

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The only way to search is offering to a coach from an other team. Good luck !
If you seem hard to find a defensive coach, for your next save, choose to become a defensive coach yourself ^^

Thanks Dec for this great article. I'll check that for my actual save :)

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Hello I'm playing FMM17 and I was wondering if all coaches who have natural aptitude and gold badge are the same? if I hire any of them they will work equally well?

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