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Tactics Any difference between Original and Enchanced tactics?

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I've noticed that the majority of the tactics people have suggested on here have been used with the enhanced match engine. I tend to use the original one, just out of habit. Just wondered have people seen a difference of using tactics between the 2 match engines? For instance if i used a tactic for the original engine where someone made it for the enhanced one, will be work just as well?

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The Enhanced Engine is more realistic but slower. It is using real physics where as the Original is RNG. You will find balanced tactics will work but things may be different. For example Poachers on the Original waste a lot of chances.

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32 minutes ago, janste1 said:

Do we think that tactics that have balanced team instruction could be made to work on the original match engine??

Yes of course but they don't always have to make sense in the original engine.

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Hi Dec

Whilst that may have been the intention of the game creators the opposite is in fact true. Tactics work for longer on enhanced and the best tactic posted on here for EE has only 2 defenders which is not logical at all, I can't think of a sinlge 'real' team employing that stratergy.  

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My thoughts exactly @Piggers5

Last year saw some bonkers tactic be successful on EME that should never have worked. 

At the end of the day any match engine will have exploitable flaws, you just need to find them. 

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