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Chat Strange FMM17 Glitches and other Oddities


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Football Manager has never been known to be a very glitchy game, and as time goes on, the games get better. But that won't stop a few glitches and other strange events from squeezing into your save file from time to time. Here are a few that I've experienced in my year of playing FMM17.  




I've never seen something as silly as this so early into a save. I've seen things like the US getting to a World Cup Final, or Germany not even qualifying, but those happened over 10 years into a save. But for something this improbable to happen only two years after the start of a save is remarkable. I believe that they had to defeat Germany and Brazil to get to the final. It's a shame that they didn't win it. 


IZZY BROWN: MOST EXPENSIVE PLAYER OF ALL TIME?IMG_2174.thumb.PNG.7a344698242df13054af503f2c1a105c.PNG

This was a fairly common bug still found in the game today, but I always find it funny. If you use a player in an exchange deal, the team receiving the player will not know how to value that player. Most of the time it will say that the player is not for sale or is irreplaceable, and will not list a price. That is, however, if the player requests a transfer and the club allows it. Then you just enquire about the player, and they will always quote something reducilous, in my case, $1.36 billion. Its safe to say that I didn't find the price reasonable. 




This one has happened to me only once, and I could never explain it. For some reason, when I tried to choose a new formation, some of the names were switched with some player stats, specifically John Stones. Things like his price, name, average rating, and position replaced formation names like 4-3-1-2 and 4-3-3. I'm now curious to see what a John Stones formation or a $96 million formation would look like. 




This one is just odd. I've never seen a club the size of Man City start a season so poorly before. Bottom of the league ten games in. And the best part? They never sacked Pep for the whole season. That happened next year after being in 7th in January. Don't know how he stayed on that long in the first place. 


Well, that's it for me, but I would love to see any strange occurrences in your saves! This game is so fun, but it's always cool to see when things don't quite go to plan. 

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Good stuff. I am yet to see most of these most big clubs seem to escape the drop before the end of the season I've noticed. Looking at screenshot 1 I always look to try and get a small nation to the World Cup final, once winning with Scotland.

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18 minutes ago, DIRECTFX said:

Here's an odd formation CPU used vs me other day , idk if it's common ?



It's would be common if you were playing football manager 1917 that is very very old school

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Haha, was going to say that must have been BG! ?

I had this happen in my Second Chances save:


I wasn't managing them, they just pulled a World Cup out of the bag... Of course, it's only a matter of time before they do this for real!! :P 

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