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Chat Some team name colours wrong?


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Does anyone feel that some teams name colours are the wrong way round or are to dark at times or just wrong tone of colour?? I'll give some examples I think Milan, Inter and Roma have there name colour the wrong way round esp Milan and Inter as looks far to dark esp for home colours, I know Roma's colours are Tyrian Purple and gold with there main home top always being Tyrian Purple but the badge is always half and half for colour, and as we don't see full kits logo's on fmm I don't see a problem changing colours around for names for certain teams, esp if it looks better.First 3 pics are how they are in game.







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Yeah in game editor to change it, but again limited to certain colours, like the bottom bar custom colour you should be able to click on say green and that custom bar comes up to choose what shade of green you want rather than just a slight section, or if you select a colour then there is a - or + symbol each side to make it slightly lighter or darker again not got that option really with a lot of colours.

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I guess it’s the developers choice to match the colors to the actual kits. I’m sure if they were your choice of colors out of the box there would be someone else upset about it not matching the kits.

Hard to please everyone :)

At least you got the editor!

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