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Career Rob goes strikerless #2 - Completed (and now top)


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So following the recent challenge in the wonderful Olympics to do a strikerless round, it inspired me to give my new strikerless tactic a go in the full season strikerless challenge:

Essentially you:

  • Can’t play a player in any of the top line positions;
  • Get points for the goals and assists for three players across the season;
  • Get points equal to league points;
  • Get points equal to league goal difference

I wanted to improve on my previous attempt of 282:

I chose PSG again because... well, why not? I’m going to give it a go with someone like Wolves after.

The players I choose were:

(screenshots from half way through the season as I forgot to do them at the start... but we all know them)


Half way progress to follow.

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And here is 18 league games in:6489D1E6-3B3F-49C9-B64C-F5E25AAE919D.thumb.png.2e6c6c50a8541b1afa4e3fc225cc7146.pngA7067371-C930-45DE-B60C-D9560BF640A2.thumb.png.c974fd29c98cd8285fe82fcb14ddb877.pngB578822E-37FC-4652-881E-7E9432AAD39A.thumb.png.81c10a90e4f63d4bbd141c3cd926472c.png

Goals = 22+25+5 = 52

Assists = 7+13+12 = 32


League = 43+49 = 92

Half-way total = 52+32+92 = 176

p.s. My fave game to date:


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Great to see this challenge reappear:) It seemed to capture the imagination of Vibe this year.

Great choice of club as why make it harder than you have to😉 Good players as well except Draxler who I'm not a big fan of for some reason despite the fact he is a good player.

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And on to the second half of the season, which I completed with a sleeping baby on my lap. I’m a fella of many talents.

So, anyhow, my previous total was 282. The current leaderboard total is 358...

Generic stuff

First off, three things happened in the second half of the season:

1. Draxler continued to get injured;

2. KDB got injured. I almost cried, then remembered I’m a fully grown adult. He was the centrepiece to my team;


3. I got a proper FMMing in the Champs League in a game I only had to win (after bagging two away goals in leg one)


Just the 29 shots and one goal to show for it.


For anyone interested, my transfers:


I flogged people I didn’t need. This is a one season challenge so if they don’t play they may as well become funds.


And I purchased a lot of people. At PSG you get a lot of money, so I spent a lot of money.

Final points

I didn’t win the French version of the Community Shield, which doesn’t show up here, but walked the league and scored a lot of goals. 


Average of just above three goals a game. Not bad for no strikers!


Points of 103 and goal difference of 84. That is a total league points total of 187.

I only need just less than 100 goals/assists across my boys to beat my previous attempt. If anyone read my mid-season report they’ll know I will have smashed that.


Di Maria was my best performer. 75 in total. 

That’s 262 so far. Let’s throw in KDB.


71. Closely behind Di Maria.

Thats 333 so far, with Draxler to follow. I smashed my previous personal best. The top leaderboard score was 358, so was an achievable target. But Draxler had a naff first half of the season and kept getting injured. Let’s see how he did.


And he got 35. He benefited from KDB’s injured as he switched in to the central attacking midfield position for a short period of time. 

That’s a total of 368. Challenge smashed, until one of the big boys gives it another go.

Thanks for reading!

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