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Career Juve Career @ Seria C

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The first update, 2017 January transfer window


Obviously Juventus didn't get relegated from the Seria A, rather what we have here, it's a different story...

My highly valued audience, i'm proud to present and be a part of this team. Meet and greet, S.S. Juve Stabia


The club details in Game





Few pictures






About the club


From Comprensorio Stabia to S.S. Juve Stabia[edit]

In the summer 2002, entrepreneur Paolo D'Arco acquired the sports rights of Serie D of Comprensorio Nola and immediately renamed it Comprensorio Stabia and since the summer 2003 with the current name. At the end of the season, it was promoted to Serie C2 and in the next year, to Serie C1. In the 2008–09 season, the club was relegated to Lega Pro Seconda Divisione, but was immediately promoted the next season.

In the 2010–11 season, Juve Stabia was promoted in Serie B after 59 years. It played in the Italian second division for three consecutive seasons before being relegated in 2013–14.


Achievements of the Club

Campionato Italia Liberata

Winners: 1945

Serie C

Champions: 1950–51

Lega Pro Prima Divisione

Promoted: 2010–11 (After Play-Offs)

Lega Pro Seconda Divisione

Champions: 1992–93 (Serie C2), 2009–10

Serie D

Promoted: 1971–72, 1978–79, 1990–91, 2003–04

Coppa Italia Lega Pro

Winners: 2010–11

Coppa Italia Serie D

Winners: 2003–04


Who am i and why the Juve Stabia?


At this point reading my introduction, before laugh me off, let me defend and explain myself. Quite a long time lurker of the forums (since fmh16) , played mobile version of FM since handheld 15, and still buy the game each year. Putting that aside, i usually avoided registration or posting here, but i feel like i really want to interact with you all more, share some tactic and do some FMM18 forum challenges because that spices the game much much more. So these are my motives, because i didn't want to come empty handed as a guest i decided to start this career, too entertain you and so that you would be able to judge better who i am.


Aims and rules of this career save


- Long term, road to glory, sticking only with Juve Stabia.

- Reaching and Establishing the club at Seria A, aiming at Europe.

- Bringing in some Austrian youth, preferably from Sturm Graz, but other clubs are fine too.

- Selling own players to the top division team or teams like real, barca, Man U, Juve, Milan, Inter, Roma, Napoli and so on. If the bid comes in, kind of mimicking the German Bundes league.

- First teams 11 priority is always the derby matches, not cup games, or no player resting before more important game! no, beating rivals is always fun.


The story, a quite unknowly-known (reputation, set to Continental) Manager from Austria, without any football or managerial experience, decided to pursue his pat and take over a Italian club. dreaming to leading it to glory and to shrugging shoulders with a teams like Napoli, Roma, Juventus, Inter Milan and A.C Milan, or getting sacked in the attempt of achieving the promotion.

 The derbys, or rivals

SS Juve Stabia Rivals


The first half of the first Season 


The format in the first post and from the coming ones will difer, sadly just some raw screenshots now,  without delving into to much details, not how i would like to










And some epic matches


Ebagua the Super Sub, were 3-0 down and my mistakes wise i noticed i didn't start Ebagua, so i subbed him on around 56 min as i recall, and he started the COME BACK, i didn't belive in the team but we won the match in pens, Juve Stabia have already before established themselves as Giant Killers, but today we wrestled with Seria A Sassuolo 



Against Inter





How are you doing this, whats the secret?

The tactic


Das Gegenpressing vom Jurgen Klopp

Plug and Play tactic, no changes in the match

Game speed - Fast

Against stronger teams like Inter, Sassuolo - Taclking set to Committed





The next update will be more engaging and richer, promise from my side, Thanks for your time and have a great rest of the day / night.

Edited by Serendipity | Sturm Graz
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21 minutes ago, Foxy said:

Welcome to Vibe.

Looks like you have made a good start with Juve and I look forward to following how you get on with them.

Thanks for the warm greeting Foxy, appreciate it. I love to read FM pc career tales, and it inspired me to make my own but in FMM format. Also i remember i have enjoyed here in the past few. But you guys are lately more into challanges only, it went viral since FMM17, so maybe the Juve Stabia, altought it's a small drop into ocean, will mix a bit things. Looking forward myself how it will turn out, with my rules being strictly applied. 

Edited by Serendipity | Sturm Graz
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Welcome to Vibe mate!,good choice of club to choose for your first career and a your presentation and info given are just brilliant.


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SamhardyNucleus and Harish, i feel really warm greeted, honestly i'm thankful to be here! 

Without hesitation, today i want to actually introduce the lads more. So that you all have better insight about what's happening and who's who on the pitch. As we entered the January transfer window i managed to strengthen my squad with massive youth talents (in my opinion, hehe)






the former Boca prospect joined Juventus this season for 8.5 millions, but as he didn't get any game time half season being trough, we managed to get him on loan.

An introduction video







A.C Milan hot youth prospect, the future of Milans squad, i persuaded him to join us in January too. 

the introduction video of this lad is also added down below








By adding this superb Austrian youth player on loan, i aimed to fulfill my Juve saves philosophy. To bring in more Austrian players in Italy, hopefully we will establish such a youth academy here at Juve Stabia. Why, you might ask? well to make it more fun, i normally don't do like this.


The last but not least, Andrich




German lad, but a former Austrian lower league club Wehen player, got him cheap, for the saves story :)

These guys i managed to bring in, and we also sold one player. young lad, for the saves goal and also wanting to become like Ajax, Dortmund, Atheltico in the future.






Let's proceed, and ill show you the core on which i started and i am intending to build the team, for the next season








Lastly, our latest fixtures and the League table




I will link and add this post to the first one, so in future it will be much easy accessible, as we proceed more.

Next update i plan to do at the end of the season and make more briefly and deep storys in the second season, let's just say this is a building rock up on witch i'm going build this sequel :D

Edited by Serendipity | Sturm Graz
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Those are some extraordinary players you managed to snag on loan mate,they would walk into most of the mistake first XI and have great potential,that profit you made will also come in handy. 1.7 mil at this level is quite big. I'm sure with youll get promoted in Serie B in no time.KIU.

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14 minutes ago, Harish said:

Those are some extraordinary players you managed to snag on loan mate,they would walk into most of the mistake first XI and have great potential,that profit you made will also come in handy. 1.7 mil at this level is quite big. I'm sure with youll get promoted in Serie B in no time.KIU.

Thanks mate for your feedback and for having faith in me and in the team :)

The lads i signed are really top quality, with an amazing future potential as you pointed that out, yes they would be easily most of the club starting 11, without a doubt! 

My starting budget in summary was around 1 mill as i recall. The board was quite generous, i also duped massivly in the wages, because i signed a lot of free agents as you can observe from my screenshots :) tought on the second hand, i snapped few cheap decent youth players for the clubs future too. Im now in positive financial state, with 1.3 million transfer money and good wage budget.

I hope to upgrade my youth accademy at the end of the seasons, let's hope the board will invest in that, also my coach is gold badget youth specialist! :D so i hope to sell some players to the top teams in the future

Edited by Serendipity | Sturm Graz
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