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Challenges The Premier League 2 Challenge


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The Premier League 2 Challenge

Credit to @danovic78 for this one.

Premier League 2 is a new competition that replaced the Under-21 Premier League from 2016/17, with a greater focus on technicality, physicality and intensity to bring players as close to first-team experience as possible.

The age limit for players has risen from Under-21 to Under-23.

Can you bring glory to a Premier League side using the Premier League 2 rules?


    •    Load up England and any other three countries and take charge of any Premier League side. (You can do this in other countries if you like but as this is a Premier League 2 challenge we start in England)

    •    You must sell or demote any players over the age of 23 but your squad can contain a goalkeeper over the age limit and up to three ‘over-age’ outfield players but no more.

    •    Players must be 23 or under on the first game of the league season. At the end of the season you must sell or demote any players that are now aged 24.

    •    Win the Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup and a European Trophy to complete the Challenge.

    •    To finish a clean sweep rinse and repeat in the three other countries you have selected in this Challenge.

    •    The usual other malarkey, no editing the game or saving and reloading and such.



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