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Career Gunnersaur Does the Bottoms Up Challenge


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I thought to myself that i would try to finish one career while i was on this site because honestly i never do so the bottoms up challenge was the best idea for me. First update to come later

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The Challenge:


Season 1:



I took over Fulham with normal reputation and no coaching badge but it gave me a bronze for some reason i also put no budget in the first window as stated in the rules of the challenge.

Transfers In:


I got some free transfers and a few loan signings to get me over the edge. Including Carles Alena.

Transfers Out:


Mostly loans because nobody wanted to buy my players .. no idea why 😂



a few dodgy decisions and bad tactics from me lead to more than a few dissapointing results. However pep decided to throw some dodgy decisions out too


Fernandinho up top ... interesting🤔

League Table:


Not a bad season would have liked it to go better but what can you do 

Awards(Just to boast a bit):


And to be honest i wouldnt have got such a high points tally or got manager of the year without Mitrovic the lad is a beast



England=69 points

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3 hours ago, Foxy said:

Great start mate 👍🏻

Thanks man hoping to push on in spain and push @kts365 off first .. and im glad somebody is having a look at the thread so thanks for that too

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10 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Great work with Fulham mate. What was the goal tally of Mitrovic??



id let my assisstant pick the team and was noticing  a lack of mitrovic so before matches i start putting him in manually and not a bad return

9 hours ago, Gerechtigaids said:

Gl, nice points tally

Thanks man

2 hours ago, kts365 said:

The same points in England as me amd Mitrovic proving to be the beast he is too. This looks like good competition. Good luck mate!

Thanks man  youre spain score is going to be tough to beat lets hope unal proves to be just as good as mitrovic

Edited by gunnersaur
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Season 2: Spain

Transfers In:


Transfers Out:




This losing streak killed the run and i had to switch up the tactics


League Table:


Awards(to boast again):


after a good season with lots of awards and qualification for Europe i feel like a failure however the show must go on 

England = 69 points 

Spain=69 Points

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