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Career 1k with Willem Geubbels (✅) S12 - 1k with Adrian Nicholson

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I fancied a challenge to re-engage FMM19 probably for a good couple of months before FMM20 gets released, so I thought I’d try this challenge since I’ve never attempted this challenge.


I decided to be PSG, because (no offence to anyone) it’s seen as a farmers league and I created a tactic where I will score lots of goals and win games for days on end, so I wanted to put Willem Geubbels to the test and see if he could hit the massive 1000 goals that I’ve seen numerous people smash on here!



Doesn’t look like a bad little player to be honest, most worrying stat for me is his stamina. He just won’t last games, but hopefully we can change that. 

The transfers;

First of the transfer in; I’ve got for some young players as we are in this the long run, then I decided to buy some world class players to make the team strong. 


Transfers out;

Some of you are probably think what are you doing selling half of your best! Well, I like to think of this as investment into the future. One or two players I may have regretted selling, but I guess that’s football.



The season:

How did we get one? Pretty damn well to be honest to say that our team was strong(ish), but ran away with the league and ended up winning the league early with 84 points. We went on to seal over a 100 points and goals that lead to more success in France. 


Bet Monaco in the Trophée des Champions (French community shield) (p.s I forgot to screenshot this fixture)

Beating Marseille 3-0 Coupe De la Ligue BKT with Sancho grabbing a brace and Pogba getting on the scoresheet.


Beating Bordeaux 4-1 in the French cup with Dembélé getting a brace and both Neymar and Aouar adding to the scoresheet.


Champions League... We was knockout by Inter Milan 4-4 on away goals! Poor first leg ruined our chances. (I forgot to screenshot this too)



Willem Geubbels: 

How did he get on in his first season at PSG? Honestly not, but not outstanding... 22 goals in 33 games isn’t bad for 16/17 year striker. 



He has improved from the bring of the season, which hopefully means more goals! 



Goals tally:


I should be back with season 2 shortly since I’m half way through the season.

Hopefully you enjoy the read! Any feedback would be great 👍🏼 


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2 hours ago, MikeF said:

Good luck mate

Cheers buddy! 

1 hour ago, 1759 said:

Best of luck!

Thats a nice enough first season for a 16 year old I’d say.

Thank you! After thinking about it, 22 goals is really good for 16 year old 

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Season 2:

Transfers Out:


Transfers In:


League and Cups:

The league we seemed to wrapped up pretty early when we hit 91 points and 7 games to go. We were undefeated up at the point in the league, could we go undefeated in our second season as a manager? 


I was confident in my team that we could go undefeated in the league, which we managed to do even with some important fixtures testing ourselves we where, but no in the league, it was the cups that trouble us.



Trophée des Champions: We won beating Monaco 3-1 


Coupe de la Ligue BKT: We bet OGC Nice 3-0 which seems comfortable, but getting there was a different story. 



French Cup: We bet RC Lens 5-0


Champions League: We bet Real Madrid 3-1


Notable Fixtures:

Lyon pushing ourselves to the very final kick of game as the stats show we absolutely battered them lucky, we bet them on penalties.


Arsenal put real doubt in my mind about whether we were going to progress to the next around as we had a 3-0 lead from the home leg and it just disappeared within 51 minutes of the game and, with them being a player down for another additional 30 minutes to play. I thought we could grab at least one goal, but nope to penalties again 3 days after Lyon game! Great

We bet them 2-1 on penalties, even with both teams missing numerous penalties. 


Our Main Man (Willem Geubbels):

How did he get on? Well, he improved through the season which probably lead to the amount of goals being scored.


With his Aerial being maxed out and stats like Pace, Shooting, Movement and Creativity all increasing into the greens means good news for the 18 year old. 

So, how many did he score? Well, he scored 36 goals in games which is already 14 goals better than last season. If he keeps improving like this then goals should come left, right and centre. 


It was clear that he was making progress at the end of the season, when he won all these awards, but international call up yet, which I hope remains like that till I can get my hands on the French job. 


So where does that leave Willem Geubbels?


Thank you for reading! 👏🏼

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Season 3!

Transfers Out:

Not many signing brought in as we are just getting replacements for Silva and Alves.


Transfers In:


League and Cups:

Usual business in the league wrapping it up early with no body having chance to catch us. 108 goals scored in 29 games is very impressive in my opinion. 

Then finishing the season with a 135 goals scored in the league is crazy numbers! 




The usual manager shots here.


The Cups:

We pretty much dominated across the board winning all the trophies that’s was on hand to win. 








So I saw that Didier Deschamps got sacked from his position with France and instantly I knew I had to apply for it! Such a good opportunity to come so early in Willem Geubbels 1k challenge.

I got the job so time our main man to hit international stage! 



We won our first major trophy as the France manager. 



Our Main Man: 

How did Willem get on? Well, damn right impressed with him this season as he’s only 18/19 and he’s smashed in 47 goals in 42 games! (Not including international goals)





Unfortunately he did suffer an injury at beginning of the season, but that didn’t stopped him for scoring a couple of hat tricks 



Stat comparison shots:

In the second screenshot below it shows him scoring 14 international goals, I don’t know whether the additional two were under myself so, I won’t be including them. 



Total goals scored:



Notable fixtures:


Thank you for reading!👏🏼

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Nice season. The France job will really help. 


Do you play two up front? How come Dembele is scoring so many? Just keeping WG’s legs fresh?

Edited by MikeF
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1 hour ago, MikeF said:

Nice season. The France job will really help. 


Do you play two up front? How come Dembele is scoring so many? Just keeping WG’s legs fresh?

I have like a first team and cup team, whilst I’m trying to get WG stats up 

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12 hours ago, Lord Danish said:

Can anyone tell me if Dembele does stay until both of them score total of 1200 can you apply for DT leaderboard?

For Double Trouble I believe you need to use a formation with two up front at all times. 



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1 minute ago, MikeF said:

For Double Trouble I believe you need to use a formation with two up front at all times. 



I know but I believe someone did a TT and also apply for 1k & DT

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Season 4:

Apologise in the delay of getting season 4 too you guys, been busy with work and the gym. I’ve decided to cut straight to the point with the 1k as I’ve barely signed anyone in the last two season other than young regens.

Our Main Man: 

How did Willem Geubbels get on this season? Well, during the league he suffered a two injuries and he was out for 4 months at one point, but luckily he’d scored a lot of international goals to keep his tally up. He still scored 29 in 39 games, but the 22 goals on the international stage kept this going pretty well.



How did he progress?

As you can see from the screenshots below he has improved in more areas again even with the injury. His value has shot up too... I keep getting daft offers like 58 million for him 😂


Progression Shot:



Manager Shots:

We won everything across the board to win, but did lose a game against Lyon to stop us from going unbeaten in the league. I felt like we dropped too many points too.




So he has scored a 168 in 4 season and slowly been progressing each season, but I need to start hitting the big numbers


With Willem turning 21, I’m hoping to make him  our main striker next season so he can score a lot more goals. 

Thank you for reading 👏🏼

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Great progress disputes the injuries. Nice work. He’s due a massive season soon. Wise not to overplay him too. 

Keep it up mate

Edited by MikeF
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3 hours ago, MikeF said:

Great progress disputes the injuries. Nice work. He’s due a massive season soon. Wise not to overplay him too. 

Keep it up mate

Luckily he had a good international period before getting injured. I’m playing like 2 games then rest him for 1

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Season 5:

Our Main Man:

How did Willem Geubbels get on this season? Well, he managed to score 43 goals for his club this season and 11 for his country, but he was massively hindered by injuries this season.

Despite his injuries, he managed to improve his stats, but I do think he will start scoring a lot of goals. Last season was very messy due to the Qatar World Cup, just games left right and centre, but players getting injured. 



Progression shot:

Just a sea of red...



Manager shots:



Total goals:



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Season 6:

Our Main Man:

How did Willem Geubbels on? Well, this his best season I’ve had out of him! Finally hitting those big boy numbers! 

He scored 30 more goals than last season throughout the campaign and scored a stunning 10 more goals than last season. A big 73 goals in 52 games for club and 17 for country.


Compassion shots:

Some stats have increased, but I can’t see anymore improvement for Geubbels, I think he’s at his very best at the moment.



Progression shot:

He got injured once through the season, which is annoying, but he came back scored a lot of goals.



Manager shots:



Total goals:



Notable games:

I think Willem wanted all the goals for himself this game, but I’m not complaining! 


My biggest win in FMM19 ever! So many highlights in one game, it was crazy!


I don’t know what’s happened to Germany recently, but this is brutal.


Thank you for reading! 👏🏼

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Season 7:

Our Main Man: 

How did Willem get on? Well, he hit a smashing 69 goals in 50 games for club and smashed another 12 goals for country! Not as good as last season but big numbers, but still knocks a massive lump off our 1k. 




Manager Shots:



Progression Shots:




Other News: 

Halfway through the season the broad wanted to build a new stadium. More fans to see us win more trophies a long the way, with the help of Willem Geubbels.




Still a long way from the end yet. 


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2 minutes ago, MikeF said:

Nice work. He’s really banging them in now. A few more seasons like thanks you’ll be well on your way. 

Aye! He’s developed into a world class striker now. He’s need to be hitting numbers like your Troy 

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Season 8:

Our Main Man:

So has he’s becoming or become prolific in front goal, you expect him to score a bunch of goals which he did, not as much as last season, but still hitting high numbers. Another 67 goals for clubs and another 14 goals for country taking his total to 81 goals in the season and he probably could have scored more goals.


Have I hindered my progress in the 1k by not playing him as much? 10 games less and 2 goals less than last season... I hope not 


Manager Shots:

For the first time since our first season we got knocked out of the Champions League, which was a shock. Especially, when we had a 4-1 lead going into the away leg. I would say I truly got FM’ed.


Side note: look at the greens, it looks so pleasing. 



Progression shot:



Notable Matches and Awards:

For the first time ever, we managed to pip Pep and Klopp to World Coach of the Year award, which to be honest I thought it was long overdue. I’ve been winning things left, right and centre, but nope this season we got the recognition we deserved. 



This game knock us out of the Champions League, which I don’t get how we lost it. It’s like our strikers got into good position the blazed it over the bar for shits and gigs, but always next year. Luckily Liverpool won it, which I can accept. (I asked them if I could join in the celebration, but they laughed at me) 



This game, I have no idea how it went to pens, but we managed to get through by the skin of our teeth.




Almost at the halfway point and he’s only just turning 25 so another 5 big seasons and we should be able to smash this out of the park... I hope


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I am trying something similar myself in my personal save, is there any chance you could post your tactics that you use? I’m really struggling to find something that works. 😭

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You seem to be moving along well on this.:)

19 minutes ago, Miki Taka said:

I am trying something similar myself in my personal save, is there any chance you could post your tactics that you use? I’m really struggling to find something that works. 😭

I can’t help but think that you could’ve at least given some recognition to the achievement here before just coming out and asking for the tactic. Maybe even just a please would’ve been nice so I know if it were me then I wouldn’t give out the tactic.

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3 hours ago, Miki Taka said:

I am trying something similar myself in my personal save, is there any chance you could post your tactics that you use? I’m really struggling to find something that works. 😭

I posted my tactics before starting the challenge. However, I’ve amended them through out the tactic, because I was getting annoyed with “players getting confused by an usual formation”.  I posted the original below for you. 


The updated tactics below:




3 hours ago, Ian said:

You seem to be moving along well on this.:)

I can’t help but think that you could’ve at least given some recognition to the achievement here before just coming out and asking for the tactic. Maybe even just a please would’ve been nice so I know if it were me then I wouldn’t give out the tactic.


Cheer @Ian, I’m hoping to smash this challenge 

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22 hours ago, Ian said:


@KyleJNichol, I do appreciate you taking the time out to answer my question dude, and for helping me like that. 

Edited by Miki Taka
Disagreement that has been settled privately.
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23 minutes ago, Miki Taka said:

First time posting in the community, but if there are any thanks to be in order, then yeah sure it’s to this guy Kyle who has done some cool stuff, and obviously it is implied that I rate what he is doing and recognise its effectiveness just by asking for it. I obviously wouldn’t ask for it if I thought it was bad.

But hey the one thing I know I can thank you (Ian) for is for shooting down a first time user to this community by trying to make out like I’m unappreciative. Cheers, you must be wonderful, but I posted that message in the 3 minutes break I had today on a 15 hour shift, so again, sorry to you if you feel I didn’t grovel enough.

This @Ian fella aside who thinks he knows everything about my current situation in such a way that he sees fit to shoot me down like that, now that I have some proper time on my hands @KyleJNichol, I do appreciate you taking the time out to answer my question dude, and for helping me like that. 


I’m sorry if I’ve offended you but I’ve had it myself where I’ve had comments out of the blue from people just asking for the tactic and it can be a bit soul destroying given the amount of time you’ve taken to play the save and create the posts. I appreciate you are busy and I didn’t mean anything at all personal. Anyway, Kyle has posted the tactic which was always his choice and hopefully we can draw a line under this now. We can sort the rest out over PM as I’d say we both don’t want to take over Kyle’s thread with this.

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