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Help Sending A Player To Physiotherapy?

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I have a player with a recurring injury and hes been injured a about 3 times with the same injury in a 2 seasons, but recently he got injured for 3 weeks but it asked me if i wanted to send him to physiotherapy which has made him injured for 2 months? My question is, is there any benefit to sending a player to physiotherapy or is it a time waster? Thanks in advance! 😊

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I’ve always sent him to Physiotherapy when this happens with me but it’s been awhile since I’ve encountered this if I’m honest. 

In theory you’d think sending him to physio would get to the root of the problem and maybe prevent the injury recurring but whether it does in practice is another thing.

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22 minutes ago, Mr Tree said:

I always send them, gotta assume it does something, otherwise what's the point of having the option?

Never assume, you know what happens when you assume? You make an ass out of u and me because that’s how it’s spelt 😛

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