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Chat Welsh Premier League-Does anyone play this league?

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I just wondered if anyone does any Welsh Premier League games on FMM19? and what teams they play as and what players they recommend from the league signing if any?



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I did a season and a bit at TNS on my 30yr career, can't recommend anyone specific cos they were all regens by then, but did manage to get a left-back who went on to be in the World XI so it's possible to get and develop stars... Good luck!

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Just smash the free transfers mate. There are some pretty good gems in there and then sell everyone at the club.

Really easy to sell players too...a little trick for you go to release a player and see what his release fee would be as that gives you an indication of what you might get then offer him out. I usually get around 100k for each player some times more.

Best of luck.

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I did a save last year where I tried to win every league and cup available in Uk. I got through all of N.Ireland, Wales, Scotland and was nearly there in England but stopped playing then for some reason.

Anyway similar to what others have said it’s a fairly weak league and I’d usually approach it like I would do managing a team in lower leagues in England. 

There is a few gems I’ve used at that level all usually available for free at start of game. O’Brien is one who is a nice goalie, Cory Andrews is a speedy forward who should do well. Rene Street and Josh Thompson are two good defenders and Calder is a tidy left full back. Those are a few off the top of my head and all free I think. Don’t worry about going slightly over your wage budget either as the game seems to be quite lenient there as I’ve been quite a bit into the red a few times and never suffered the dreaded sack but of course that might be different if your results aren’t great.

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I'm in my 3rd year in a career with Cardiff Met Uni. I just made it to the quarterfinals of the Euro Cup and then got smashed by Tottenham. My biggest issue is that it's hard to develop players because they get the "needs to play at a higher level to improve" pretty fast. 

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