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Challenges The Best GD in Europe Challenge


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- The Best GD in Europe Challenge -





Stage 1 - Portugal, Primeira Liga: Benfica, 1972-73, GD +88

Benfica registered 58 points in the 1972-73 Primeira Liga season. That doesn't sound like an especially impressive number, but it does start to get better when you consider there were only 16 teams in the division, meaning 30 matches, and only two points were awarded for a win. The more mathematically adept among you will thus spot that Benfica dropped only two points that year, drawing twice and winning the rest. This team was about as close to perfection as you can get in elite football.


Stage 2 - Spain, La Liga: Real Madrid, 2011-12, GD +89

The 2011-12 season was one when records tumbled: indeed, in Spain it is sometimes known as "La Liga de los Records". They surpassed their own mark for goals scored, beating the mark of 107 set in 1989-90 with 121, plus they reached the 100-point mark for the first time in La Liga history. They also set the Spanish Goal Difference record with a mark of +89, and of course it was Cristiano Ronaldo who got most of those goals. 46, in fact: that's more than eight other clubs in the division managed.


Stage 3 - Holland, Eredivisie: Ajax, 1997-98, GD +90

By 1997, many of the brilliant young Ajax team that won the 1995 Champions League had gone: Kluivert, Seedorf, Davids, Overmars, and Frank Rijkaard had all left, dispersed across Europe or, in Rijkaard's case, to retirement. Ajax promptly went about setting records, winning the Eredivisie by 17 points, in part thanks to a blistering goals total of 112 in just 34 games, notching a whopping Goal Difference of +90. Arveladze, not the first name you would think of if asked to name an Ajax great, scored 25 goals. 


Stage 4 - Italy, Serie A: Torino, 1947-48, GD +92

The season prior, they had sent records tumbling: most wins, biggest league-winning margin, the biggest home win and the one that stands to this day, greatest Goal Difference. They scored 125 goals that season, more than double every other team aside from Milan and Juventus, who finished second and third respectively. Valentino Mazzola, regarded by some as the greatest Italian footballer of all time, and Guglielmo Gabetto got the lion's share, scoring 47 between them. 


Challenge details

  • Load the nations: Portugal, Spain, Holland and Italy
  • Start in Portugal and complete all 4 stages in order. 
  • Only the clubs in the highest division are eligible. 
  • Take as many seasons per stage to beat the GD record. 
  • Best GD per stage counts towards leaderboard total.
  • Unlockables is a big NO - Badges is a big YES. 


The Best GD in Europe Leaderboard



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39 minutes ago, AndersJ said:

Sounds fun - should be easy with your 2-2-6 formation 😅😜

6 up front is too defensive for me 😂 

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47 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

6 up front is too defensive for me 😂 

Haha true that! I remember one of your tactics with 5!!!! Upfront! Thats just insane 😂

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29 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Don't bother, you're not good enough 😁

Yes you’re right I’m not good enough to fail this. Too easy to complete it

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