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Career "The Football Factory (Hardcore)" - an epic failure!

Mr Tree

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Hi Vibe!

Recently I posted a new career, "The Football Factory", where I'm hoping to produce an awesome production line of talent with all Youth coaches.

But the name got me thinking too, so I decided to start a side project with a team full of Aggression!

Who to manage for such a project....?

There were a few options, but one was obvious...


Yep, the team that everyone refers to as "Dirty" Leeds. And I say this full of affection - I am a southerner but mother was a Yorkshire lass and a lot of her side of the family are Leeds fans, so I look out for them and like to see them do well...

So we started off by listing all the soft lads...


Even the reserves...



And I checked out the market for players with 20 aggression... Not many actually (I'd only loaded England, down to VNN/VNS).


I planned to play my old reliable formation, so I had to drop the parameters a bit to find players to fit in (and cover). During a whirlwind of transfer activity, this result should have made me realise that we were doomed (cc: @samhardy)


Anyway come opening day, we'd ended up with this:



(there's a few others in the reserves too)

My coaching staff had grasped the concept quickly:


But alas... We bumbled around winning losing and drawing, floundering in mid-table when the title was expected, and a midweek loss at Preston led to...




ok, I'd been too aggressive. Start again, but focus more on quality...

so the second attempt at squad-building ended more like this:



...and I started fairly well...

But four straight wins led to a draw and then four straight defeats, including being 4-1 down at Millwall as they scored from their first 4 shots :(

And that was it! They pulled the trigger that quickly - even earlier than the previous run! I even (I didn't screenshot it) had a 50% win record this time...

So maybe Leeds' ambitions make this unviable... But I wanted a club who I could ensure could buy most players so that I wasn't too restricted...

Anyway, the real kicker - I played my reliable old formation with no changes apart from "Committed" tackling...

And I really didn't notice any fun effect! Like maybe we had three bookings almost every game, but only one or two red cards, nothing spectacular. Disappointing!

For now, the dream is over - I'm tired of wasting my time with this idea now! If anyone can revive it elsewhere, good luck to them :)

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😂 😂 Love the short-lived attempt tho. I like doing such saves/experiments. I once signed an entire team of skilled 18-20 in Passing and Decisions to see if I could create a tactic based on high possession % but didn't really work. Maybe the Teamwork attr was too low, or something else 🤔 

If you're after more bookings maybe try shitty tacklers. 

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