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Tactics Wolves Career - 5-2-2-1 Tactic - Quadruple 1st Season

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I have played FMM for years but only recently bought this years version due to boredom in lockdown. I decided to start a Wolves career (The team I support) and using my own created tactic managed to achieve something special with a completely unexpected quadruple in my first season (Premier League, FA Cup, Carabao Cup, Europa League) which included beating Barcelona 1-0 in the Europa League final. 

My tactic was a 5-2-2-1 or 3-2-2-2-1. With an attacking mentality. Utilising wing backs as Wolves do in real life and already have players who specialise in those roles (Doherty,Vinagre,Jonny). I also recalled Ryan Giles for further cover on the left side and bought in Correia from Valencia as a cheap high potential option on the Right.

Within my back 3 I operated with a BDP on the right (Coady already perfectly suited to the role. And a more conventional CD on the left. With a libero in between to help support a 2 man midfield/Link play with the wingbacks. I signed 3 players who I retrained to play the Libero role and although none set the world alight in terms of average rating or popped up with man goals or assists. During highlights they were often involved in the build up and obviously results kept going my way so I thought why change?

I didn’t sign any Wingers or forwards however I did retrain Morgan Gibbs-White to play Left Inside Forward. I operated with a Target Man as my loan striker (Jimenez/Campana) who both scored an absolute bucket load. And retrained Shabani as a Target Man for cover as Cutrone cannot be recalled from Fiorentina but has been scoring for fun for them in the game.

 imageproxy.php?img=&key=29906ed9e9968481For my 2 Cm’s I operated with a BBM and an AP, with both of my advanced playmakers (Moutinho and Maher) picking up loads of assists (they both take corners though). 

The majority of my signings were based around strengthening the defensive core of the team and adding depth (I played 2 completely rotated teams in the league & europa. And then also played other youngsters/fringe players in domestic cups/easy fixtures. I set board expectations as they were (mid table) but slightly adjusted the budget to give me a bit more freedom. My total spend was £48.22million and revenue was £3.4m. As you can see below I somewhat raided Dinamo Zagreb for 3 young talents. 

Transfers In: 

Gk - Livakovic (Dinamo) - £7.75m

Gk - Farinez (Millionairos) - £5.25m

CB - McKenna (Aberdeen) £2.8m

CB - Koch (Freiburg) £8.25m

RB - (Retrained as RWB) - Correia (Valencia) £3.3m (Release Clause)

Cm (Retrained as Libero) - DaSilva (Brentford) £5.25m 

Cm (Retrained as Libero)- N’Diaye (Al-Shabab) £2.4m

Cm (Retrained as Libero) - Eisenhuth (Cottbus) £1m

AP - Majer (Dinamo) £4.8m

BBM - Moro (Dinamo) £7.5m


Transfers Out:


Enobhakare - £2.2m

Ofosu-Ayeh  - £1.2m

Dadashov (Loan)


Buur (Loan) 

Jordao (Loan)

Shabani (Loan) (Recalled) 

I have attached all screenshots (Tactics,Table,Fixture List) below for you all. Any questions let me know. & let me know if this tactic works for you















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Will need to give that a try, incredible results with Wolves in the first season 

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2 hours ago, KG4 said:

Will need to give that a try, incredible results with Wolves in the first season 

Let me know how it goes for you mate, still working a treat at the start of my 2nd season. 

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@Georgerog97- is this still working for you?

Going to start a new save this bank holiday weekend and liked the look of this. Doesn't seem to have got the traction on here considering a phenomenal 1st season! How did your 2nd one go?

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