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Challenges The 19 season Premier League Legends challenge

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Clubs in the Premier League are full of legends that we have seen from the past and present and even from the Division One. We are going to travel back in time to every single clubs’ history and replicate their past and present legends.

This challenge require you to choose the club wisely as your choice will effect the consequences of your career.

Challenge Instruction

1) Choose from any of 20 Premier League club at the start

2) This challenge will operate according to alphabetical order which means your challenge will start with Arsenal’s legend and ends with Wolves’s legend.

3) you don’t have to complete the challenge from your chosen club. So lets say you start with Arsenal, you just skip to the next club Aston Villa. Again, choose wisely 😉

4) Evey challenge that completes will give you +10 pts

5) Every challenge will have a bonus

6) The challenge ends once you fail to complete any club’s legend or once you complete 19 season

7) The bonus are nothing to with their career it’s just a slight boost for you to challenge the leaderboard

8. please don’t cheat


*Quick reminder: These are legends which doesn’t means they have to be your club’s best ever player. So lets head to the first legend.


We’re going back to the early 2000’s where most people might remember about their famous “Arsenal Invincible” and who’s their man behind all this? We’re traveling to Turin where they got the player from:


Thierry Henry

No doubt he’s the best Arsenal player at the time. In fact his record still stands until now which he assisted 20 goals in a season. Henry most impressive season is when he got 59 goals and assist in a single season

Your challenge is to get a French winger/striker to get a total of 60 goals and assist.

Every assist you get will give you a 2pts

Aston Villa

Their might hate this guy after his transfer to Man United. I still couldn’t find the real reason of it. If anybody knows please tell me :) 


Dwight Yorke

A prolific striker despite having some inconsistent stint at Man United after his 3rd season. He still a great striker on his day

Sign a young Caribbean striker with 15+ pace. Get your boy to score 30 goals that season.

Every goals past 30 will be awarded 1pts


The new boys in the Premier League. This lad is one of the boys the were from League One and he stayed until 2019 where he was transferred to Queen Park Rangers.


Marc Pugh

A tough choice as there’s a few great players for the Cherries. He did stay almost a decade for them and perform consistently in 3 different quality of leagues so that makes me chose him.

Sign an English winger and get him a total of 25 Goals and Assist

Every 3 goals and assist after 25 will be awarded 2pts

Brighton & Hove Albion

Like its name Brighton & Hove Albion will have a pair as your chosen ones(two). This pair are arguably the most underrated in the Premier League as both of them are still playing.


Lewis Dunk and Shane Duffy


Two of a very solid centre back that kept them alive in the Premier League. They’re still going strong against all odds as they were always tipped to be relegated.

You have to use one English CB from your academy (Newgens or the one already at the start as long as they’re from tour academy) and you also have to sign one Irish CB from any English side from Vanarama National South/North to the Premier League. You must not concede more than 40 league goals that season.

Every clean sheet will be awarded with 3pts but only if both pair are playing in the game.


In the current years we know exactly what Burnely are really good at and it’s producing quality goalkeepers. Nick Pope who’s the current GK had enjoyed being one of the best goalkeeper in the Premier League. However we’re going to look at his predecessor


Tom Heaton

The former Man United goalkeeper, he’s not given chance to shine there but despite that he had his best years of playing when he joined Burnley on free transfer.

Your job is to get an English goalkeeper on a free transfer. You have to go on and make 20 clean sheets in the league.

Every 9 rating your goalkeeper got will add 9pts and every 10 rating will add 10pts


Another big club with tons of legends. I was initially trying to go for Giafranco Zola but came up with a harder challenge here.


Frank Lampard


When it comes to hard challenge and Chelsea the only man that could do the job is of course their current manager Frank Lampard. He’s known as Premier League’s highest scoring midfielder and that already makes it hard.

Sign one English midfielder from your local rival. Get him a total of 38 goals and assist and of course as midfielder.

Every yellow card will award you 10pts

Crystal Palace

Another player that made himself famous at other club but served well to get him a club legend status.


Ian Wright


For someone that came from a non-league he’s made a huge shock in football. Also earned a move to Arsenal where he became more lethal than before.

Sign a striker from any team in Vanarama National South/North. Get him to score 35 goals.

Any goals after 35 will be awarded with 2pts


Our next man is the guy Trent Alexander-Arnold are currently dubbed to be. I’m pretty sure that everybody must’ve know who this guy is...


Leighton Baines


The current Premier League defender with the most assist with 53 assist. However his best assist a season is 11 which might seems low with current FMM set pieces being very overpowered.

So your task is to use one English fullback that’s already on your team or buy a new one. Get 12 assist from him without taking any set pieces.

Every goals he scores will give you 5pts.

 Leicester City

He’s a very fun player inside and out outside of the pitch. Red Bull is like plain water for him. Unbalanced diet won’t stop him even in his 30s.


Jamie Vardy


Came out of nowhere to be the best striker in the league. He used to work in a factory while also having football as his side job. In his early 20s he’s not even a professional now he’s contending for the golden boot.

Your job is to sign a striker from Vanarama National South/North. Get him to break Vardy’s most impressive record by scoring goals in 12 consecutive games.

Every consecutive goals after that will give you 3pts


Don’t mess with this guy or you’ll end up as his breakfast.


Luis Suarez


One of Liverpool’s best ever striker if not the best they’ve had. He scores, He assists, He bites. No messing with him

Sign a South American striker from Eredevise. Scores 30 goals with him while chip in 15 assist.

Every cards he got will give you 10pts

Manchester City

He is the leader, He’s the core of our team, The one that made it all possible.


Vincent Kompany


Don’t shoot Vinny! Don’t shoot! ..... and as soon as the Volley goes in it closes the game. And the match after that we won the league.

 Buy yourself a Belgian midfielder. Convert him to CB and give him at least 40 appearance. He also must score 10 goals throughout the campaign.

Every goals after the 10th gives 2pts

Manchester United

He’s played only 25 senior appearance in his boyhood club before Fergie decided to buy him and he’s proved to be worth it all.


Cristiano Ronaldo


The reaction sums it all up. We’ve got no surprise to see him in here. The 5 times Ballon D’or winner and which he also won one of them with Man United. This could probably be the hardest yet but the one gives the most

Sign a Portugese winger from the Portugese league. Get him to win league’s Player of The Year.

World Footballer of the Year gives 30pts, Best Player in Europe 20pts, Portugese Best National Player of the Year 10pts.


Our second and last duo of the challenge. I just can’t leave either one of them. They are meant to be together. Everyone must have a little flashback of this nightmare once you see the name.


Demba Ba & Papiss Cisse


During their time they’re no doubt the scariest duo in the Premier League. They scored a total of 30 goals in a season. Ba got a quite good career after his transfer to Chelsea. People also will remember him for the infamous Gerrard slip.

Sign one African striker from any Premier League Club and Sign one African striker from any German club. Get both of them to Score 30 goals which means twice of their record.

Every hattrick will gives you 5pts


He’s played majority of his career in the Championship but despite that he played 4 seasons in the Premier League with Norwich. He’s been a loyal servant after spending 10 years at the club.


Wesley Hoolahan


Bought for only £250k he made himself a fan favourite by dominating the midfield. Towards the end James Maddison are the one who succeeded his position but both of them exited the club in the same year. Now Ondrej Duda are playing where he’s playing back then.

Sign one attacking midfielder from the Championship for no more than £500k. Get him a total of 25 goals and assist. He also must have the highest avr in the squad (players who played less than 10 games and have higher avr wouldn’t be counted)

Every extra goals or assist will gives 2pts

Sheffield United

The first player from the 60’s. The main reason I’m not putting them is cause of the amount of data we got but this guy’s name really attracts me to put him in. The information I got is from old Sheffield fans so the total of goals/assist could be less and could be more.


Alan “@Woody” Woodward


The last name could make Man United fans hate it(he’s got no relation to Ed so no worries). Alan Woodward is a player from Sheffield United academy and he’s famous for his powerful shot. In one of his best season his got a total almost 50 goals and assist.

Get one winger from your own academy and make him involves(Goal or Assist) in 50 of your goals.

His crossing and shooting attributes will be your bonus points.


Not really their legend as he only plays one season for the Saints but he’s a legend all around English football so we must not left him out.


Peter Crouch


The young towering striker joined Southampton only for one year and moved after having a great season. His career are mostly highlighted during his time at Stoke City and his infamous robot dance. He got capped by Englad for 42 times.

Sign an English striker that have 16+ for aerial. Get him to score 20 goals.

His pace attribute will be your bonus points

Tottenham Hotspur

Probably their best ever centre back while also being their club captain. He’s made a controversial move to Arsenal and also be their captain. He won’t regret it as he captained Arsenal to be the first and only team to get the invincible.


Sol Campbell


Chill up Lilywhite fans. He’s the only legend you got!

Just kidding. He’s a great player and fan favourite before his move and we need to keep some balance in choosing legends so I need another CB.

Buy and English CB or use the one at your club. Get him 15 Premier League clean sheets. He also must not score any goals or chip in any assist throughout the campaign.

Amount of games played will be tour bonus


This guy had once being imprisoned for beating some students outside of a nightclub. He’s got some mental illness due to his father death leading him to the fight. Even for what happened he is his club captain and still is currently.


Troy Deeney


Despite his low numbers in the Premier League he’s still a great leader and a lethal striker back in his time at Championship.

Sign a striker from League One. Get him to score 25 goals.

Leadership attribute will be his bonus points.

West Ham

Going into the 19th team we got someone that’s been entertaining the Premier League for quite some time.


Dimitri Payet


He’s famous for his great free kick. He scored quite a few beauty during his time at West Ham. Payet could play almost everywhere in the midfield while his preferred is at the attacking midfielder. In his best season, he got a total of 40 goals and assist despite this is not his record at West Ham.

Sign a French attacking midfielder. He must have at least dark green in 6 different position. Get him a total of 40 goals and assist.

Every player of the match will awards you 5pts

Wolverhampton Wanderers

They came out of nowhere and finished in 7 during their first season at the Premier League. Now people are dubbing them to challenge for the top-6. One guy who’s been with them before and after their great rise.


Matt Doherty


 Started his career at Wolves in 2010, now he’s their starting RWB and hasn’t for much recognition from the whole Premier League. He aren’t the most assisting wing back and also not the most defensive. He’s always there helping in the build up. He ensures Adama Traore to be no worries while going forward.

Get an Irish right back. He must play as much game as possible and maintain average rating of 7.00

Every assist gives you 3pts


That’s the end of every 20 club challenge. We got 2 leaderboard for those who completed the challenge and those who attempted but couldn’t complete it












Edited by broodje kip
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good effort mate. didn't go through them all but why an African striker for the Villa challenge? better would be a Caribbean striker, no?

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4 minutes ago, Mr Tree said:

good effort mate. didn't go through them all but why an African striker for the Villa challenge? better would be a Caribbean striker, no?

Could be better but I’m quite unsure about if there’s Caribbean striker in FMM so I’ll make it general to any African country. I’m also wondering why Caribbean? Pretty sure he’s Trinidad and Tobago

Edited by broodje kip
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4 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Could be better but I’m quite unsure about if there’s Caribbean striker in FMM so I’ll make it general to any African country. I’m also wondering why Caribbean? Pretty sure he’s Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago is part of Carribean Islands mate. There are quite a few Jamaican strikers available so you can choose a Carribean striker definitely.

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1 hour ago, Kanegan said:

Trinidad & Tobago is part of Carribean Islands mate. There are quite a few Jamaican strikers available so you can choose a Carribean striker definitely.

Ah I really forgot bout that. Left Geography for 2 years already. Thanks @Kanegan and @Mr Tree

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9 minutes ago, Woody said:

@broodje kip you have no idea how much stick my dad got from his mate about Alan Woodward the footballer as my dad has exactly the same name! 😆

Lovely challenge too.

That’s very interesting 😃. Seems like I picked the right guy


26 minutes ago, Foxy said:

Looks a really fun challenge to play and I did enjoy some of your choices of players as club legends.

Thanks Foxy

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