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In this career I want my club to be the breeding ground for top class British youths by filling the ranks internationally, so to start of being the centre of GB football I googled the centre of GB which is a mess and know one knows however many point to Haltwhistle located next to nothing in Northumberland so Carlisle became the default choice.

Rules I'm using to make it fun

  • Youth signings only (18 max age)
  • GB Players only like England, Wales, Scotland, all of Ireland and even obscurely uncommon British isles like Gibraltar, Guernsey and Burmuda
  • Manager Reputation Local
  • Fake database (parallel world version)
  • Mask attributes (realistic touch)

Objectives is to not only produce a world class home grown team but to improve national team rankings and to have more than half of the world top 11 from GB.




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Interesting, I believe the game doesn't provide enough brilliant English players as it does other countries, yes there will be an argument with someone saying what a load of... but IMO the English players fall short of other countries when it comes to Superstars

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Thanks guys I'm excited to see how this goes.

Season 1 Christmas Update

Competition wise got knocked straight out for the Caraboa Cup 1st round and FA Cup 3rd round whilst staying strong in the leasing trophy beating L1 team's to stay live.


Currently achieving expectations in the league did drop down due to having my main striker injured with no adequate replacements, having the youths ready on standby maybe more tricky than I thought.


Acquisitions for the future are Hamish Maguire surprisingly Scottish 😅


Next up is Cohan Loizou costing a massive 675k, he's already made it into the first team.


That's it for noteworthy signings picked up a few more in the reserves team.

Thanks all.


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19 hours ago, George Traistă said:

Make sure you look in the youth ranking from scouting agency from time to time, you can find some great players with loads of potential at some low prices

I'll definitely use all the resources possible, I like seeing my own players there too 😂

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Season 1


First season went okay finishing as expected which is good as I don't want to progress through the leagues too fast as I can't buy any ready make players.

In all pleased with the slow pace an development.


Some bonus pic's


Got knocked out of the Leasing trophy by Bolton losing by 1-0 which was greatScreenshot_20200917-232842.thumb.png.5992276ddec07d851bc14e2251baaebb.png

Another youth player to mention is James Marriner who really stepped up into the first team mid way through costing only 6k



Fake data base bug with the Welsh bangor team being half Italian/ Argentina lol






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Season 2



The season went well still lacking in the scoring department however my youths are starting to shine, Maguire is still a fringe player whilst Mariner and Cohan are excelling fast, a new addition to the first team is Flynn Michie our next striker.

Usual result for the Cups out of the CC and the FA however I beat Oxford I'm the final for the Leasing trophy 🏆


New Additions to the youth center



Also found the oldest player in the game


Manager Stats



Looking for Promotion next season 😉💪



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Season 3

We won the league! But lost in the Leasing trophy Final.


Other manager stuff



Also another interesting thing is how clean we are


Some bad news Cohan Loizou got bought by Chelsea however I managed to negotiate a 40% sell on fee so hopefully they will take him to the next level and maybe I've unleashed my first future English national star.Screenshot_20200920-090003.thumb.png.b6d7513ba15494bf8ea228b567bedf3d.png

Managed to get a good striker for the first team Flynn Michie or as we call him the Flying Machine.



Still struggling to get other decent player's who are not English and Scottish, also it's such a struggle to see quality 21yo's being released whilst not being able to do a thing about it and youth scouts don't help either 😂

This Career requires an awful amount of self discipline and I did sin a little when signing an 18yo as a bosman signing and took him on just turning 19, 18 during contract discussions so I let it slide.

L1 here we go!

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season 4

Well.... I didn't expect to win this one and lost my last game.

Also won the Leasing trophy.


My players are developing well and representing their nation teams, we've lost James Marriner and another player to Leeds.


Getting to the point where I'm struggling to hold onto my players however the goal is to be a breeding ground for top players international but let me get to the Prem first.

Other screen shots




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Season 5

A really poor season with a lacking goal keeper really holding us back however I've been developing another to take his place.

20th with 81 goals really highlights my issue is in the back.Screenshot_20200928-210804.thumb.png.69a564f453e157c3830c44e3da83537f.pngScreenshot_20200928-210810.thumb.png.d5201eb7985773e2fef8b25213ba3c12.png


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Season 6

Well that went better than expected, it was a keeper issue.

I did some boarder line match fixing by using my developing players near the end to drop down to the play offs but nearly fell to far for the extra games



Liverpool was the biggest pain knocking us out for the FA Cup fourth round and the Carbao Cup Final




The GB Academy working it's magic for the under 21s, 16 player's so far called up to 4 nation's






Going into the prem feeling pretty strong after losing to Liverpool twice at 2-1 also beating Chelsea 1-0.

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