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Career Injury Crisis at Southampton


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Hello and welcome to my latest little career where I’ll be playing one of the in-game challenges. If you’re aware of the different in-game challenges available then you’ll probably know by my title which one and which club I’ve chosen to manage.

For confirmation, I’m going for the injury crisis challenge and I’ve chosen Southampton as my club.



As I take over, we are positioned in 16th in the league after 21 games and the board expect us to finish in mid table so work still to do.



There are plenty of injuries as you’d expect given the nature of the challenge and although there is money available, I’ve chosen not to spend any of it to give us an extra challenge.



Here are the first few fixtures and we first face off against Spurs which will be a tricky game and should give us an idea of the task facing us.



I’m just about to start and should be back with the next update in about an hour after I’ve played a few games.


Thank you for reading.

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Here I am with the next update where we’ll see what kind of start we made.



We couldn’t get anything in our first game against Spurs, although we did give a good account of ourselves and the stats were very close. Next up came Leicester where we got our first three points after coming out on top in another close game in terms of stats and it was the ever reliable Shane Long who scored the all important winning goal. We then played out a poor draw against Crystal Palace as we were really struggling in terms of fitness at this stage. Still heavily depleted going into the FA Cup Fourth Round tie away to Derby, we struggled our way through and managed to book our place in the Fifth Round.




We beat Watford, although the game was a bit poor really and then came a tough game against Liverpool where I didn’t expect we’d get anything. Van Dijk managed to get himself sent off in the fourth minute, Shane Long put us in front towards the end of the first half but it wasn’t enough as Liverpool came out and dominated the second half to hand us our second defeat so far. West Ham were poor in the next game as we ran out clear winners and we followed that up with another victory against Newcastle in the final game of the month.



We are starting to get most of our players back to fitness now but the ones still missing our key players in Bertrand, Ward-Prowse and Redmond and I’m not overly happy with the squad in some areas so I feel we’re doing well considering.





We currently sit in 12th place with 10 games to play so still plenty of work to do to at least maintain this position as the board expect a mid table finish.



These are our remaining fixtures and there’s some tricky games still to play.



Thank you for reading and I’ll be back with the next update tomorrow as although I’m going to play a few more games, I doubt I’ll have time to write them up.

Edited by Ian
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I almost forget that these challenges exist, I used to love having a go previously on them, so it’s nice to see you having a go at this. Good start there and I’m sure you’ll only push on from here.

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20 hours ago, Aaron Thornton said:

Great start mate and really refreshing to see you attempt the challenges. 

Ralph has put you up against it here😂 but your smashing it, KIU


8 hours ago, RichDave32 said:

I almost forget that these challenges exist, I used to love having a go previously on them, so it’s nice to see you having a go at this. Good start there and I’m sure you’ll only push on from here.


8 hours ago, George Traistă said:

I only did few of those challenges so I can get my gold badge quicker 🤣

Good luck with the challenge! 

Thank you all for the comments. It was just a spur of the moment thing where I thought I’d do one of the in-game challenges with a new system and decided on the injury crisis one.

I have finished the challenge and I can confirm that it’s nothing great lol but I will bring the final update, probably tomorrow.

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