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Tactics 3-5-2 Herrera esque defence+counters


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Hi everyone,

NB - only half a season done so far, but results are promising. Please feel free to test out yourselves and throw any feedback my way.

Hope you're all enjoying the new game and having success with your teams.

My ideal style of play is to create a team that is hard as nails to break down, and can smack you silly on counters. Not to say that its defensive, as I want to win and score goals, but I love winning games with 35% possession, but more shots and goals than the opposition. Yes I love watching Mourinho's teams, and prior to this season Conte before Inter seemed to lose the plot ūüėē

Im back again with the FMM21 version of the Catenaccio style made famous in the 60s by  Inter and Herrera. This is a pasison project of mine, previous versions available here and also here

This year, was much simpler to get the tactic working for me with the implemention of the Inverted Winger, roaming playmaker and the man marking options. this has made it much easier to represent the roles of Mario Corso, Luis Suarez and the Grande Inter defenders than every before. Thanks SI for the help.

Only tested half a season so far, but after some initial testing and tweaking early on I think I might be onto a solid thing. The defence is mean and you'll concede few shots on target, but the goals still come in at a steady rate.

There are two options to this set up. One for the evenly match and top teams, and another set up for the lower table teams that try to low block and out defend you.

Usually (or by default), I use Counter as the team mentality - with the idea to draw the other team out, then quickly break on them. Hence the Deep defensive line. We also want to counter and break from any position so as to stay true to Herrera's ideals.

If the opposition is set to out defend, Control or Attacking team mentality can work well. Target Man instead of DLF


In attack, all the players know what I wanted: vertical football at great speed, with no more than three passes to get to the opponent's box. If you lose the ball playing vertically, it's not a problem‚ÄĒbut lose it laterally and you pay with a goal

Similarly, when breaking through fast, we want to make sure the opportunities we create are taken advantage of, so Work into Box is needed.
Run at the defence chosen because i want my players tearing down on goal rather than waiting for support which may not be there on a quick break.
Look for overlap is there for when we have the ball with either the BPD or RP and want to move it out.


test it out and see how it goes for you. Let me know if you spot any improvements









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13 hours ago, KG4 said:

@topline Looks good, have you got everyone possible man marking?

So far the two side defenders man mark and the bbm will drop to a dm and manmark if I need to see out a 1-0

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2 hours ago, El Sheim said:

Great concept. May I know which position is the primary source for goals in this tactic? 

so far an even split between the DLF and CF... maybe 40/60?

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On 11/12/2020 at 20:42, Lunetta said:

Interesting, but can you tell me the important stats for each role?

Sorry hadnt seen this message till now..

Generally speaking i stick to the highlighted stats in game for each role.


Am working on an updated version of this tactic now

added 0 minutes later
On 11/12/2020 at 21:02, rseven said:

Hi mate

Could you share stats for you IW?

I am really interesting at this?

Sorry hadnt seen this message till now..

I'll run a season and post the stats

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OK.... some updates and tweaks having revisited this set up. I think its a little closer to what I was trying to achieve in the first place.

The set up has changed slightly now that I've calmed down and not been so eager to use the new tactical roles. I think this set up better reflects Herrera's sytem and where the players actually started.IMG_8666.thumb.PNG.ab21a10edf65aa6b178d04bc73a60a67.PNG

Pretty standard here.

The wingers where the struggling points with the previous system but in this new set up, the LAM and the RW will be the main ones to supply crosses.



you wont have the majority of the ball possession in this set up, but when you do have it, the ball gets forward asap and chances are created.



Some stats to come below


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some game examples from the season. You will concede chances, but these will mostly be from distance as below.

If you find yourself in need of a goal, or behind, switcg the mentality from COUNTER to ATTACKING/OVERLOAD







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Trying this one with a belgian 3th league  team...So far so good...

On 30/11/2020 at 05:24, topline said:

some more details now that the season is complete







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On 28/02/2021 at 00:33, vespa2007 said:

Trying this one with a belgian 3th league  team...So far so good...


Good luck. I've not yet tested it out on the new update.

hope it still works

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