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Career A (league) Standard Career from Albionic

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Welcome to another career, where I shall be attempting this great challenge from @FuddledFox:


Essentially the aim here is to buy and use players from one of the top 6 leagues each season, one league per season, so a lot of rebuilding which spices things up a little. Points are earned by team success and other bonus challenges each season. It's a nice break from my (failing) Delap 1kc.

Team Choice

I'm going to let people guess! I have completed the first season, so it will be uploaded tomorrow with the answer.

Here are some clues

  • They play in stripes
  • They have reached a champions league final in the last 20 years
  • They were top of their league at some point this season

Thanks for reading, season 1 will be up tomorrow!


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Well, one of you was correct about the team, and that person was...  @Rich!

Season 1

The Wanda Metropolitano shall play host to this challenge, as I wanted to manage in Spain, as I haven't managed there much this year.

It was between Sevilla and Atletico, but in the end I wanted to go with Atletico, and they have a very good squad!


The first bonus points come from signing players from 10 or more clubs:



We managed it, although I thought I had done it in the summer, luckily I realised before January! Some very good signings, Diego Carlos was probably the worst, as a replacement for:



The huge sale of Gimenez! He was grumpy, and I would need to sell him this summer anyway, so I was very happy. Atletico have a huge squad, so there were a lot of sales to get to the 25 limit. Part exchanges were, and will continue to be my friend. Most of the players I sold I was not too unhappy to sell, as Atletico are loaded in midfield and defence. I replaced  Cardenas for Valera in January, and Martinez got recalled

So Bonus complete = 20pts

Task - Get a GpG of 2.0 or above and a GApG of < 0.5

I originally thought that this would be tricky, and I was not wrong! I started off with my 4231, thinking the 0.5 Goals against wouldn't be too bad, and I was very wrong. I switched to a slightly more defensive 41221 in the second half, but it was too late!



So no bonus for the first season sadly, but an unbeaten season none the less!






A Clean sweep! I loved some of the players, and will be sad to have to sell all of them this summer, but that's the challenge!

The squad




The squad as a whole played very well, with only 5 players averaging less than a 7. Morata was fantastic, which I was not expecting (and scored at least 10 offside goals) and Suarez was good too. I even bought the other Luis Suarez, just to add to the confusion 😂 . Oscar was probably my favourite signing, purely because I was not expecting him to be any good!

Some awards





Transfer Bonus - 20 pts

Season Bonus - 0 pts

Wins - 51 x 3 - 153pts

Draws - 8 pts

Goal Difference - 146-34 = 112 pts

So a total of 293 points for season 1, not bad for missing the Bonus

I now have to say goodbye to Morata, Felix, Saul etc and bring in new players from another league, which is going to be hard work!

Next season's task is

 Have 6 or more players score 20 goals or more in all competitions. A maximum of 3 of the players can be strikers but at least three cannot have any green in the striker role.

Thanks for reading.





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Brilliant first season. The 0.5 or less goals conceded is a surprisingly tricky ask so no shame just missing out on that although you really weren’t far away.

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19 hours ago, FuddledFox said:

Brilliant first season. The 0.5 or less goals conceded is a surprisingly tricky ask so no shame just missing out on that although you really weren’t far away.

Thanks mate, I pulled it back with a few clean sheets late on, but even conceding two goals in a game messes you up!

8 hours ago, Rich said:

That’s a great first season mate, looking forward to the next season, good luck 🤞🏻

Thanks mate, got to decide which league I am going to choose!

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