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Career Cambridge Lads On Tour - Superstar Challenge


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So I have accidentally started a challenge. My intentions were to start a save unemployed with no experience and badges which I did, then holiday through until summer 2022 and take charge of a previously unplayable team in VNN or VNS.

However I'd got to February, declared interest in the Weymouth job as they were stranded adrift at the bottom of the National League and I wanted an attempt at rescuing them but then totally out of the blue and such a coincidence since Newcastle recently played them, Cambridge popped up and offered me the position as their manager 




Now normally when doing a superstar challenge you will be offered a VNN/VNS job, maybe a National League job and if you are really lucky you can nab a L2 job BUT never have I saw a L1 team (albeit rooted bottom of the league) to offer a job

So I couldn't turn this down and have decided to take on the Superstar Challenge ( which I've tagged below) as this was too good an opportunity and starting platform to miss.

Manager Profile:


Obviously I didn't start out this save for this particular challenge so didn't screenshot my profile at the start of the save but here is the profile screenshot directly before I take the Cambridge job just to prove I'm not misleading anyone.

League Position:


As you can see the task ahead of me and the lads is HUGE. We are 10 points adrift with 16 games left and have scored the least while conceding the most.

My aim is to perform a miracle and keep the lads up but if worst comes to worst I will be looking at rebuilding in League Two and aiming for instant promotion.

I'm actually quite shocked at this, the coincidence that Newcastle have only just played these in real life, the fact I drunk with a couple of the Cambridge Lads the night before and that I've never saw on FMM a League One side offer a total unknown manager the position.

Thanks for reading everyone and I will post updates throughout, most likely the next update will be this evening, with an end of season post where we can hopefully perform a miracle and stay up! 



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Can’t say I like Cambridge anymore but good luck I guess 😉

Na brilliant a league 1 team offered you a job, doesn’t happen often. Hopefully you can sort them out and get them up the leagues 😁

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7 hours ago, Dai_ said:

Best of luck!

I've never seen a L2 offered before this years game and now a L1. That's mad.

As your about to find out, getting a job so far up the league's at first seems brilliant but it can go sour very quickly! 

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End of Season Review

When Cambridge offered me the job I thought I'd hit the jackpot. Secure League One Survival, wheel and deal in the transfer market, be promoted in the second season and be on track to top the leaderboard of this challenge. You are about to find out how horribly wrong this plan went! 



Our record in the final 16 games of the season was nothing other than a shambles. 1 win, 2 draws & 13 defeats. The only highlight being when we thumped Accrington 5-1, I believed that was going to be the turning point of our season but sadly it was not.


The league table doesn't lie and we were awful throughout the season 14 points off second bottom and 20 points adrift from safety. How the board realistically thought we would stay up this season is beyond me but once relegation was confirmed, they called a board meeting to consider my future, I managed to somehow keep my job and start planning for next season.

 I now believe doing this challenge you are better off starting at VNN/VNS or at a push National League unless you are ridiculously good at the game. Being an unknown manager at this level is a nightmare with squad morale. Majority of players don't respect you and want you replaced as I found all throughout the second half of the season with numerous players slagging me off to the press. At the end of the season squad morale was the lowest and I really thought I'd get the sack before being able to make any transfers in.

I still have a job on the first day of the next season and in my next post I will go into detail about my massive transfer revamp in the hopes of dragging this team back up of the floor. I'm telling you now it doesn't look pretty and being an unknown manager at this level could end up being my downfall with the sack looking round the corner! 


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Good luck with this one! With a VNL team I had to deal with situations regarding my poor reputation, even though we were winning matches. I can't imagine what it is with a L1/L2 team and a losing matches!

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On 25/01/2022 at 14:42, AdamNufc said:

Well this save was a disaster, within 3 game weeks of my last update, the board sacked me, wasn't even giving a chance to rebuild 😂

I know what I’m posting to my awards at the end of the year 👀

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3 hours ago, Rich said:

I know what I’m posting to my awards at the end of the year 👀

Well aren't you lovely 🤣 an award for being a shambles, I feel honoured ha ha.

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Genuinely think lower league management is absolutely minging to do on FMM. Massive kudos for giving it a go and you had 4 more wins than I would have done! 

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