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Tactics Guardiola-Style 343 By ChatGPT

Kun Aguero

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Guardiola-Style 343 By ChatGPT

@DanEnglish recent post about how ChatGPT could be use for FMM/Vibe had me wondering what's it's limit when it comes to creating a tactic? Is it able to create a whole tactic based on a few instructions give? If yes, how good could it potentially be? 

Well, ask no more, cause I had put that into test, and created an actual tactic fully based on ChatGPT. (Since ChatGPT only had access to data before 2021, some newer roles aren't included in the tactic created)

The Tactic

I figure it will be easier for ChatGPT to start creating the tactic by giving him a few tips on what I want, hence I asked him to create a Guardiola style tactic relying on wing-backs (a position I like a lot). To my surprise, he's able to give me an entire tactic, including formation, roles and even attributes needed for the players!


Of course not all the roles he recommended exist in-game, for example False Nine wasn't an actual role for ST, hence I asked him an alternative and he replied either a Deep-Lying Forward or Trequartista, I'm just gonna pick the first one he says, DLP it is!

I kept asking him all the other questions, like what team mentality to use, what tempo etc. untill I get the entire tactics ready to deploy. I won't bore you with the entire chat records, but will provide the chat record as an attachment for anyone interested.

Finally, here's the (hopefully first) FMM tactic ever created by ChatGPT implemented in-game, and it's now to try it out, Since it's a Guardiola-style tactic, I figure there's no better club to test this out than Man City. 





The Results

I only tested it for around 20 games, but had faced 4 out of the 5 Big Six clubs. We started the season strong, including a huge 3-0 win against Liverpool in the Community Shield. The team then faced a bit of a dip in October, not able to score many goals, probably due to Haaland's injury. The team did remained unbeaten in the ~20 games played, and had only concede around 9 goals. I guessed it's fair to say that ChatGPT does know something about tactics.




Against the "Big 6"

Here's some statistics for any of you stat-nerds out there. Wasn't that "Guardiola-esque" with the number of passes though.







Team Stats

It wasn't really a free-flowing scoring tactic, as Haaland only managed to score 11 goals in the 11 games played (fewer than IRL), but it's interesting to see that De Bruyne was the second highest scorer in the team.







Turns out it wasn't that bad a tactic, as we remained unbeated in the 20 games played, but certainly not the best either. The test I've done also might not be the most reliable, since it's Man City which almost every FMM player can easily win with. Would appreciate if anyone can help testing it out on some other teams (mid-table, lower-league etc.) and let me (and ChatGPT!) knows how it is. Thanks for reading! 😃

The complete chat history with ChatGPT for those interested: ChatGPT.docx

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20 hours ago, Kun Aguero said:

That's cause it only had access to data before 2021, you can try New Bing

actually if you give some option like "what should i chose work into box or shoot on shight, look for overlap or early cross, etc" i already try, and chatGPT will give recomendation, and of course is depends on tactic, formation, and players ability 

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