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Global Hyper Mega League - works with update 1.0.0

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The Golden Hundred Mega League is the latest innovation in the soccer world. Bringing together the top hundred teams from around the world in five divisions and three flights. Battle up the league as a penniless minnow or dominate from the start as a giant of the game - the Globe is yours!

With thanks to @NguyenDucAnh

Turn off auto-update - this database is made for version 14.0.1. It seems to work with 14.1.0. However, any database update e.g. the winter transfer update may break it. So turn off auto update and then check in here when there's a new version of the game.


Caution as always with modding, backup your files!

  • Close FMM23.
  • Download the two files attached - database.zip and changes.txt
  • Go to android/ data/ com.sega.soccer.eleven/ files/ Application_Support/ Sports Interactive/ FM 2023 Mobile/ Caches and delete the two files in there.
  • Copy changes.txt to android/data/com.sega.soccer.eleven/files/
  • Go to sigames/documents/sports interactive/FM2023 Mobile and create a new folder called "database"
  • Extract the contents of database.zip to this new folder.
  • Open FMM23. Go to Settings and User Interface and reload skin.
  • Start a new game as Italy and any other leagues you want. I recommend Italy, Australia, South Africa, USA to get the best spread of players. 
  • Enjoy!





User Feedback

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20 hours ago, craigibhoy said:

Can't seem to get this work, the league names are abbreviated correctly like ML, CD etc but the teams are still all Italian. 

Have you updated the app? The update came out in the last day or two. You can check by going to "About". This database will only work with 14.0.1.

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20 hours ago, HarshVision said:

I'm on version 14.0.1. and it doesn't seem to work 

Did you clear the cache? Where did you put the database files?

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14 hours ago, HarshVision said:

i did everything in the instructions, maybe its a device problem

What device do you have? It should work okay on any Android device. 

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10 hours ago, topofazio said:

I can't delete the cache files... I'm on androir 12.... How can i resolve?

Android 12 is very annoying when it comes to files! I had a similar problem.

If you are able to select them and then delete, even if a message comes up saying you can't it should still work. Otherwise download the app Solid Explorer and try again.

At the very worst you could delete and re-install the app, then follow the steps above before you open the app for the first time. But that's not ideal I guess.

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16 minutes ago, topofazio said:

Why in the folder, everytime i start a match and then i quit the game, it create differents folders of logos and database???

That's a new thing SI seem to have done. It has no effect on the game. I just delete the empty folders.

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6 hours ago, topofazio said:

It still work with this last uptade? Anyone has update the game?

It seems to work okay with 14.1.0. I'm testing it now and no problems so far. I don't know if updating will affect saved games and as always I urge caution with mods. 

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I used to have problems moving the files and I solved it connecting the phone to a computer and following the steps using the laptop. Hope to help someone who's doing the same mistake.

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Can you please add Partizan(Serbian league) in same league where Crvena zvezda is?

Please replace one club,so we can have partizan and zvezda,biggest derby in Europe(eternal)

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