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Career The Clash Of Titans - Brenty92 VS mcandrew003

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Good day fellow Vibers! Welcome to the new career between me and @Brenty92! After asking me earlier in my Journey thread, we spent several hours discussing ideas and creating challenges to play, and we finally decided on this one. So, we will be competing in an adaption of the Freebies Challenge! Below is the adaption we made:

In the original challenge, created by @Smee123, you had to sell your top 5 highest valued players each season, but in our adaption, you have to sell your entire team instead. The challenge lasts until one of us wins every trophy available to a club in the Premier League. 

The teams we have started with are....



So, what do you think? Whose team are you siding with? Let us both know with a comment, aswell as your thoughts on the challenge, and anything else! IMG_6104.thumb.PNG.561639f9df26216d774866a7db9a002d.PNG

Thanks for reading!

TeamMcandrew003 or TeamBrenty92?

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3 hours ago, Ashez said:

Good luck, @Brenty92has my backing on this! Bring it home mate! 

Thanks mate!

1 hour ago, BatiGoal said:

I'm going with @mcandrew003 to even things out ;)

I have to admit, I'm shocked and deeply upset, after all the support I gave King Bati/Bazoer and am now giving to Viking chief Batigøal! ?? just kidding mate haha

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I couldnt decide who to back so our pet in the House chose with his pote! @mcandrew003 you have my vote. Best of luck guys

added 0 minutes later

Btw, are you guys playing the same match engine?

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It's very interesting to play tbf, definitely going to make better use of free's in the future!

Super Joey O'Brien top of my list ?

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Hello everybody and welcome to Update 1 of The Journey! Oh wait.... wrong career. That's what running 3 careers on Vibe does to you. Anywho, you all know what it is....


Boom! And we're straight in with Update 1! @Brenty92 might have his Update up tonight or tommorow, so keep an eye out for that. Let's get into it, shall we?

So. The challenge was to sell every player and replace them with Freebies or Loanees. Kind of rhymes actually. Anyway, after a few months of wheeling and dealing, this is what my squad came to look like....


A very good squad actually, better than I thought we'd have managed! I was really happy with Sirigu and Zivkovic on loan, but players like Khalifa and Pinchi really stepped up aswell.

Cup Competitions....

We were VERY poor in the early part of the season, getting knocked out of virtually everything.


We actually dominated :'(


Oooh that was poor....


Actually really pleased with the Semi's, although we got destroyed by a dominant United side!


Main Event


A very solid 8th place finish in the league. Quite happy with this considering at some point earlier in the season we were 18th, so not a bad start to proceedings. That GD needs to be sorted out however!

Player Stats

Below are just a few Screenies of the stats of our lads this year 


A genuinely solid season for most of the players!

Stand Out Player....


The lad got 30 goals in a mediocre front 3, so my POTY goes to him! Some decent stats, reminds me of a certain Sami Mhadebi in my Journey save (think he's his regen) 


Just the seasonal fixture list



A really Up and down season that toyed with my emotions massively. It was a amazing when we won, but horrible when we lost!

Other points....

We have a new points system in place now, below is exactly that....

A win (any competition) = 1 Point

A trophy = 10 Points

League finish :

1st = 20 Points

2nd = 19 Points



To finish

Thanks for reading guys! Sorry it's a quick one, just had to get it out before doing something, so here you go! What are your thoughts on the season? Has your mind changed on who you think will win? Thanks for reading, and leave a comment! Also, the updated H2H table will be up later! 

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Mate considering the goal difference and where you finished in the league, squeezing 30 goals out of Khalifa is epic! He was my main man for the first 3 months and I only managed about 5/6 goals with him! He was quickly replaced mind you, solid start and here's to some great wheeling and dealing in the summer! Keep your eyes peeled for my first update. I'm coming for that ?


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Cheers mate, I agree I probably should have achieved more to close in on the man himself, but here's to next year! @Real_Random

Goal Differwnce was awful mate, I agree :laugh: Khalifa really picked up after we switched tactics, hoping for a striker as good as him for season 2! I've already looked at players who's contracts are expiring, there are some decent ones! Hope no other clubs get them before they become free! @Brenty92

Will update table sometime in the next 1-2 hours

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Well played to my fierce opponent @mcandrew003 on a good start to this H2H (all things considered)!

So here we are with update #1 from myself!

My Band of Merry Men.




at one point in the season i had 40 players in the first team, kinda overcompensated on the amount of rotation necessary, this is the squad we ended the season with!

League Table.



We got a very lucky break on the last day as both Liverpool and Stoke lost their last game, propelling us into the last Europa League spot!




Solid start to our cup run!


Would have preferred more than a single goal to make the difference against a fallen giant but hey ho!


Going in to the break 1-0 up made all the difference here, brought Gaudino and Tillman on straight away to great effect, Tillman set up Gaudino's brace and that man Gaudino set up Tillman 5 minutes later to secure our place in the semi's!


A tight affair at St Mary's gave me more hope than necessary, an absolute battering sure as hell pushed us down a peg. 1 round away from the final in my first year, I'll take it!

FA Cup.



Not much to note here, a tough first fixture ended in us crashing out as quick as we came in!


Europa League.


Now for some reason, i couldn't screenshot the table due to the first qualifying phase starting before the end of the season! So we'll have to take a look at each fixture individually.


Despite being destroyed by stats, this turned out to be a close one, seems we must have defended quite well for large periods.


And there he is... Super Joey O'Brien with a brace!


Is he intent on being our star striker?!


Veteran striker Cassano shows his worth snatching a point late on!


I have no words tbh, poor game all round, we let down the loyal fans travelling the country with us!


So much went on over 90 minutes here! Our man up top injured in the first 5 minutes, Red card for my left back after 11, 3-0 down in half hour, a glimmer if hope 2 minutes later, 4-1 just after the hour, then a late (albeit unsuccessful) push saw a tight game finish just that, a very tight affair!

This loss saw us lose out by 1 point as feyenoord beat BATE to take top spot and krasnodar jumped above us into second!





As you can see we barely had a settled eleven for most of the year, i kept tinkering and switching it up to try change our fortunes, hence no tactic shown for this year.



Our top scorer for the year was a 16 year old,  in an extremely poor scoring season, i had sent a few players back to their parent club who had scored due to underperformance but still!



Considering the low goal tally, i was quite impressed with both Pereira and Lo Celso's contribution.

Avr Rating.


A tough season saw only 8 players score above a 7 rating overall!

The only player worthy of player of the year in my eyes was none other than...



I dread to think what our league position and goal difference would have been  without him in the side!


36 points for me @mcandrew003, correct me if I'm wrong.

Thats it for season 1. Thoughts and comments appreciated as always!

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Nice work mate, good season in all and well done on the European place! I'd imagine you will beat me next year with the extra games, but we'll see! Moise Kean was great for you, only scored like 2 for me before I let him go. Bring on season 2! @Brenty92

League Table and Trophy inbound! 

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