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Some players fly through seasons and teams with the speed of light.  Other players spend weeks getting through a season (like I do).  I wanted to make a challenge that appeals to both types of players and exposes them to different leagues in the process.  Introducing the "Bottoms Up" Challenge.

The idea is simple - take the "worst" promoted team (ie. the team that won the promotion play-off) from England, Spain, France, and Italy (these four leagues have the same promotion structure) and see how far you can take them in a single season.  The steps are as follows:

  1. Start a new game then load one of the four top leagues mentioned above (England, Spain, France, Italy) + the division below the top division (ie. Championship for England, etc) ONLY.  Don't load all four leagues since you'll be restarting the game after a single season and I'm trying to limit the pool of available players.
  2. Game settings should be as follows:
    • No budget in the first window (to "level" the playing field a bit by letting everyone start with mostly identical teams and to put a bigger focus on tactics)
    • No coach badges
    • Normal reputation
  3. Take control of the team that most recently gained entry into the league by winning the playoff.  This year those teams are as follows: Huddersfield Town in England, Getafe in Spain, Troyes in France, Benevento in Italy.
  4. You'll only play a single season so no need to worry about building a team for the future.  Total points in the first league season ONLY will be added to your total score.
  5. After a single season, restart the game with another team.  Your final score will equal to the sum of league points from the four seasons with the four different teams.  Do you have what it takes to top the leaderboard???

Other fine print: standard challenge rules apply (no cheating, no using editor, etc).  For the perfectionists out there, it is allowed to replay a season to achieve a higher score - only the top season with each team will count toward your total score.  Screenshots of league table, match history & manager profile required for proof.  Starting a career thread for all to follow is recommended and encouraged!  Most importantly - hope you all will have fun with this quick and simple challenge!


Image result for cheers


1. @kts365 - 254 points (67 England / 68 Spain / 60 France / 59 Italy) thread

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Thanks BG! I wanted it to be something *I* could actually do and I wanted to make sure there was no downtime waiting for jobs to open up. ;) 

23 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Anything with a beer pic sparks my interest :)

You'd be surprised what comes up if you google image "bottoms up"... :O

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