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iScout Gabriel Barbosa


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5FE7655D-2380-46C9-B4AB-5A1DC6773D29.thumb.png.f8d2efe69b9653734946f58a6ca4b9a7.pngGabriel Barbosa

20 y.o

Benfica (loan from Inter) 




511EE967-E861-4B73-AD30-1A349E69EC3B.thumb.png.1972f85269ac94706a69466ed230add7.pngStats after 7 years

28 y.o

retrained to be an out and out striker when signed for Dortmund in 2019 for £44.5m

15CA5334-C12C-4C33-ACB1-9BBD675E7CE7.thumb.png.35dedf7fe12d33daa132c06ee68aeee6.png15CA5334-C12C-4C33-ACB1-9BBD675E7CE7.thumb.png.35dedf7fe12d33daa132c06ee68aeee6.pnggames, goals, assists, and av rating for seasons at Dortmund. 

Playing as a loan striker, advanced forward.

8C7758D2-EDC0-473A-B87E-2447E03C4C4B.thumb.png.44a8ce73ba8123fe9df870a6b7b1be10.pnghas won best player in Europe numerous occasions, but never won the best player in the world ?BB060BB7-67D0-40A3-B81E-0359E0AB5B2E.thumb.png.8c1bf55add7013eb14126a30c97f1cc5.png


overall for £44.5m, probably cheaper if you buy him earlier in game, he’s an insane striker, guaranteed 40+ goals a season. And with what I’ve seen in the FMM transfer market this year that’s a steal


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Gabigol has always been know for being great in FM. Unfortunately, it's a whole different situation in real life.

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One of my fav FMM17 players along with a few others. Made an outstanding IF for me but looks a very fine AF too indeed. Have yet to use him in 18. Quality guy (y)

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