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Challenges The Oxford United Golden Years Challenge


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The Oxford United Golden Years Challenge

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I wanted to make a challenge to celebrate the golden age of my own club and if it gets a few of you playing a save with Oxford then great.

In 1983 Oxford where still a third division (League One) club but with the expert management of Jim Smith and then Maurice Evans Oxford went from the third tier to the top tier and our only major honour in the space of three seasons. A run that included winning both the third and second divisions and then culminated in a glorious day at Wembley as we beat QPR (who Jim Smith had joined as manager in the summer) 3-0 to lift the League Cup. We where relegated two seasons later and have never returned to the top flight, so can you bring the good times back. 

Your job in this challenge is to equal or better the achievements of Oxford's mid 80's team.


The 1980's was a time before we had a huge number of players coming from abroad to play in English football. To reflect this your squad must be made up of only British or Irish players for the full three seasons of this challenge.

  • Season 1: You must win League 1. If you don't win the league it's challenge over.
  • Season 2: You must win the Championship. If you don't win the league it's challenge over.

  • Season 3: You must win a major domestic cup (FA Cup or League Cup) and avoid relegation. If you fail to win a cup or get relegated its challenge over. You will score 2 points for every place you finish above 18th place. E.g. If you won the league you would get 32 points.

  • Bonus points: If one of your strikers scores more than Oxford's real life top scorers in the same season (in all competitions) you get the number of goals your striker scores as points. So season one you need 25+ goals, season 2 you need 35+ goals and season 3 32+ goals 


Your league points for each season + your goal difference for each season.

In season 3: 2 points for every league place above 18th.

Your top goal scorers goal total if he scores more than Oxford's top scorer in the corresponding season.

Fail to win the league/cup get relegated or sacked: -25 points and the challenge is over.


  • If you fail to win the league in either season one or two then its challenge over.
  • Cup wins in season one or two don't count. You must win a domestic cup in season 3.
  • Top goal scorer is in all compeitions.
  • English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish or Irish players only.
  • OME or EME
  • No unlockables at any point during the save.
  • No editing, reloading or cheating in anyway
  • Post a career thread on vibe with screenshots as proof.
  • Have fun.


@Foxy 494 points



Thank you for reading and come on you yellows!




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Great challenge! 

I'm hoping to get over to 2018 some month soon and was planning a gentle "Win the Champions League with Oxford United" career to ease me into it. Now I'll have to keep an eye on this challenge too! Mind you, everything will be new to me, so not expecting to win L1 in the first season...

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