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Chat Complete Forwards - Your Opinions

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I love Complete Forwards. They have little appeal for Goalscoring Challenges, but they still do a great job. Belotti and Dolberg provided the edge to some good, but not great teams in FMM17, while Diafra Sakho scored for fun in FMM18.

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I think your experience and opinion is based on how you deploy them and what success you have, as you'd expect. For me the CF is a very rare role as not many players suit it. You have your Harry Kane's and Lukaku's and players like that, but that's it really. I think it's great when it works but I struggle to make it work. 

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I personally want my players to have a defined role so it's one I don't usually use. Like with many roles I like to avoid any which could be used against me by the engine, for example a CF could leave his position too much. I'm sure the unpredictability of it might even out the risks but I'd rather use roles where I know where my players are and what they're doing. As we don't see everything and the match stats are limited I can't be doing with the smoke and mirrors stuff of the game, just keep it simple and work with what you know is my views haha

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No, for the most part I don't. Might be because I use the front 2 with an inside forward cutting in, so there's just no space or reason to have a complete forward. 

For the moments that I DO use a complete forward, it's almost always a lone forward in a 433. If I ever use it in a front 2, it's to cover for a very limited or tired strike partner.

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