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Career Rob tries the ‘Bad Boys from Brazil’ challenge - COMPLETED


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So, having completed a TT and DT career testing my Ragnarok tactic, I thought I’d see how variants of it does for a few other challenges. Therefore I thought I’d give this one a go. 


Essentially you grab two Brazilian strikers. One of any age and another aged 30+ and you play two seasons as them. Your final score is their goals scored, league points, and league goal difference for each season all added together.

The club I chose...



Yep, PSG. An obvious one. I want to shape the club in the image of my tactics. I kept my surname as ‘Bad’ due to the challenge, which made the  appointment notification read quite funny! 

The players...



I have always loved Luan and wanted to include him in a challenge. He is too old for a 1kc, but young enough for a two seasoner.


Tardelli is just cool. Fairly similar players in my opinion and hopefully both will shine.


Both players are cheap enough for me to spend most of my budget elsewhere.

Season 1 to be posted later. Wish me luck!

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Season 1

So the first season is done and dusted. The bad boys haven’t stolen a car and ended under in prison, nor shacked up at the nearest brothel. Nope, these boys have been delivering for me.



Yep, PSG have a budget and a half to kick off with. I purchased two cheaper strikers for the challenge, which allowed me to shape the squad as I wanted.


The standard players I usually try to sign.

I love Van Dijk in this game.

So how did the first season go?



Everything won. Hopefully score a lot more next season across the team. 

Here are the finals:


Superior finishing won the CL final, but my Ragnorak tactic tends to win those kind of games.

My favourite game was the CL semi second leg, after we were crap in the first leg and needed a big score line.


And finally, goals scored by the boys:


40 a piece. Not bad considering my choices.

Points scored at the end of season 1:



League points: 104

Goal difference: 82

Tardelli: 40

Luan: 40

Total: 266

Thanks for reading.

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Thanks. Will be interesting what season two ends as. About to play the World Club Championship and the boys have grabbed 32 between them, so around the same run rate so far. 

Much like the strikerless challenge, the big scores will happen in the 42 game leagues, which I will try next. 

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Season 2

Season 1 went well. Could it be continued in season two? Especially with Tardelli being another year olderimageproxy.php?img=&key=869884a60f0c133d. Let’s see...




Lapprte in for Van Dijk, who became a moaning idiot. KDB was my main signing and played right in the heart of the team. The rest were depth signings.

Team performance



Everything won again, but with a better league performance by only drawing one this time. Gutted it wasn’t the perfect season. Didn’t score as many as I had hoped though.

Here are the finals:



1DE3ADA7-2BFB-4725-9069-EB69619FF311.thumb.png.79258c048d955034053f74e96a6c9f97.pngMy favourite game was:


which was the last league game of the season, where Luan took care of business.

Points scored in season 2


So a fairly good league season...


...gives me a goal difference of 84 and a points total of 112. Both total 196.

The boys total...


...dropped by 5 from last season. There were a few niggly injuries, plus Neymar and Draxler took a bit more of a share of the goals, which I didn’t mind too much as it helped the goal difference. So, basically, 75 goals for the pair.

196 + 75 = 271 for the season.

Overall points


266 in season 1

271 in season 2

Total score: 537.

@danovic78 please add me to the leaderboard.

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